Friday, February 17, 2017

A Friday Treat. L:A Bruket Skin Care Mist

It's finally a new weeked. I had been longing for this one since I've been pushing myself to much at work. It's great to have some days just to relax! And that's what I've been doing the most of this Friday. Some of the time I spent at a cafe drinking wine, hot choccolatte and eating macaroons while reading a book. I decided to look closer at a skin care product too that I'd been curious to try and bought this facial mist at the shop Cornelias Hus in Oslo. They have so many elegant and special things there. And a couple skin care brands I've not seen elsewhere that seems interesting!

This facial mist I bought is from a brand called L:A Bruket. It feels and smells very refreshing and is  comfortable on the skin. My skin looks nice and healthy with a more even skin tone after applying the mist. Some beauty products are so good they make you see the benefits quick! I'm definitely into this product. It has natural ingredients good for the skin such as camomile and bergamot. And again the scent is so nice. It their candles are anything close to this I'll buy one. This product is nice for everyday use as it is mild to the skin. If there was a smaller size I would buy one to wear with me at all times. And I guess I'll be having a closer look at those candles too:)

Have you tried this brand?