Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Favorite Photo

Taken early in June. This photo has inspired me to be more outdoors. Also I think I've got some inspiration from this picture to draw. I notice that being outdoors usually end with green colors all over the drawings. I like the composition and contrast of colors. White and green. Darker green and light green. And the lightening is pretty good. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Highlights


 The best part of this day was being outdoors in the sun. I went to the lake and walked for some time. It really is the most beautiful place during summer. I like to walk where you see green tunnels of trees covering the sky and sunlight shining through. The second best thing. Drawing. I finally got more inspiration and made a couple of drawings of green landscape. I started on my third when my hands got tired of working and decided to read. I've enjoyed reading Jane Eyre and took a dive into the story. Now I've come to a crucial moment and am more curious then ever on what will happen.

Drawing made recently


Saturday was a relaxed day with sunny weather too. I went for a longer walk which was really lovely. I also enjoyed drawing and watching my favourite television show. Pictures below are from my walk this day.


Planning. Music. Relaxation. Sunday wasn't my best day as I was feeling fatigued, but I got some planning done and decided to read in my current favourite book. Jane Eyre. I'm soon reaching the end wondering which book to read next. Love this one.

What have been your highlights? :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Todays Makeup

I found a nice bb cream this spring that I've been using a lot. It has great, subtle glow and a good coverage. The color nuance is a great pick for pale skin tones. The same with this concealer. It matches perfectly even though they look very different in nuance first. I found a forgotten gem, the setting powder and have been using that recently as it keeps my concealer stay on better. These are nice base products. I like the subtle glow and coverage! I added a raspberry colored lipstick with some shimmer. It's got great pigmentation. I wanted to show you the color but battery went flat. I added the lightest of the pink eyeshadows and a little of the brown, yellow color from the little box. They look gorgeous! I will make a own blog post about the palette soon :) 

What makeup did you choose? :) Have you tried out some new products lately?


Vichy Idelia bb cream (light shade)
Maybelline Fit Me concealer 15
Makeup Mekka Mineral Sapphire Loose Setting Powder
Makeup Mekka lipstick 502 Sparkling
The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette 26

New Beauty Bag

I went shopping looking for new beauty products and spotted this adorable and fun beauty bag. I like the size. Perfect for a weekend or holiday away. This will fit makeup, hair products and creams on the go. I don't know what this reminds me of but I get a good feeling looking at it! I love the gold and white pattern and a stronger gold color on the top. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Photos

Some photos I took earlier this summer. I hope you like them! Can't wait to go out for more walks and try new makeup combinations :)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Drawing Inspired by Walks Outdoors

 I made sure to go some beautiful paths while we had the lovely sunny weather! Drawing is made with soft pastel, ordinary color and oil pastel ( flower). Hope you like it. 

New Beauty Buys and Accessories

I found the loveliest watch here the other day. In elegant black design. It's simple and interesting. I wouldn't think all black would suit me but I love this! It's a little pricy but worth it. There were so many elegant watches in their collection. I fell for one in sea green, blue with brown leather too. I think this will be easiest for me to style. And one I wouldn't go tired of easily.

I seldom buy new necklaces so I thought it was nice to come across this one. Gorgeous silver shine and details. I can't wait to wear it :) And see if I find other pieces. I was drawn to the intensity of gold and silver colors in their collection. So many elegant pieces. I wanted something that wouldn't stand out to much and be easy enough to style with my current clothes and new ones.

Over to makeup. I picked up a new eye shadow and lipstick. Lipstick from Chanel .The packaging is so elegant and shine and color. I would wear this alone and over the Maybelline Minimalist lip color. It's a product I could see myself easily wear every day. It has a soft pink, subtle color that would work with different color choices on clothes and other makeup products.

Then eye shadow. I found one from cream shadow from Shiseido. This has a little red in it, which I usually stay away from. I have blue eyes so it is usually not my first choice of color. But this looks nice. I like the shine, texture and color combination it gives. It has a subtle shimmer and stays on for a good while. Application is easy and the finish is absolutely wonderful!


Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color Ombre PK 224
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 68 Candeur
Watch Skagen Denmark
Necklace Dyreberg/Kern Starfall SS Crystal

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Drawing Days

Tired after a day out and drawing all evening! I love the drawing pastels a lot. They are easier to work with then I first expected. And I've found some good quality paper. :)

Have you been drawing lately?
What do you like to draw?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Pretty Things

Today I went shopping. I picked up a lip balm from Chanel I saw recently. It looks nice. And also two beauty bags in different sizes. I found a lot of clothes at Carlings. A store I've usually not been to. I love the use of colors, patterns and shape. Definitely a store I will check out more :) I'll show you all pieces in a blogpost soon!

Some things I've had for a while. Poudre de Riz of Java Bourjois. And a hair serum from The Body Shop. I use it all the time. The illuminating powder I've not used much, but enough to know it is a  stunning product! With only a little and more it looks beautiful! I first noticed the product because of the wonderful design. It's a nice decorative piece!

What I've Done This Weekend

Friday was not a good day. I was lacking energy and stayed home relaxing. Towards evening I got better and found a sketch book I picked up in London. I drew a couple drawings. The detailed sketches for two and finished one using dry pastel pencils which I love! :) They are super easy to work with and make less mess.  

Then Saturday I went shopping for some basic clothes. I found some nice pieces! And will definitely be going back to the store where I bought two beautiful sweathers! I went to a cafe later and stayed there for a while. At home I watched a television show and read blogs during the evening. I considered walking but was to fatigued.

Sunday. The best day of this weekend. I went to one of the museums here. Showing contemporary art. It was an interesting collection there I spent time studying. I will write some more about art soon. I finally found books about a norwegian artist I've been searching about. She's from a place close to where I've grown up. I found two books I will write some about this summer :) I've planned to read some art. I saw some really cool things at the museum shop and could easily bought all of them. But they're a little pricy though :) At home I continued watching my favorite television show which is now Dalziel & Pascoe. Then I've been writing on a couple blog posts and read others content.

Have you done something exciting this weekend?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Pictures

Summer seems to stay! It took some time before the nice weather would come. I've had lack of energy today but did some photographing for future blog posts. I think the notebook in these make the photos here look more colorful and fun. When it comes to design I also like this makeup product from Bourjois! I love photographing outdoors! I've enjoyed taking some photos outside the house. We live close to nature. I'll definitely take more cosmetic photos outside too. It's nice with some change in backgrounds for the blog photos!

Outside the house. Favorite picture of mine! :)

Oil Pastel Fun

I've been used to drawing lately with soft pastel pencils. It's been fun! And easy. I'm excited to work with oil pastels. I bought a set with 24 colors you could choose yourself. I went for light summer colors and some darker. I hope I'll make some good drawings with these:)

Have you tried working with oil pastels?  :)
I would love to hear your thoughts!

A small drawing using oil pastels.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Top Favorite Product

On my holiday I picked up two Clarins Beauty Flash Balm tubes. I instantly liked this and have been wearing it since. It makes my skin look so much more awake and glowing. I only need a small amount of it so this will last. It applies easily and gives a nice, long lasting finish. I think it is a nice product to use through all seasons. I can not recommend it enough!   

Do you like this product or similar ones?
What's your top favorite product?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Out in the Sun

I've spent a lot of time this day in the sun. Walking by the sea, walking and relaxing in botanical garden and walking in the city. After buying something to eat I went to the sea and brought my camera. It was a little windy but always sun. Like the rest of this day so far. I like being outdoors. 

Pictures from today. 

Have you been enjoying nice weather today? :)