Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Reading Now. The Ice Princess

The Ice Princess is a crime story beginning with a man discovering a dead body in a house he is looking after. A woman is found dead in a bath tub in the house. The dead woman was the childhood friend of the main character Erica whom is the second to see the dead body in the house. The investigation of the local police begins with family members. And investigation seems to lack proper routines and knowledge which make the story more interesting and gives a feeling of something to look forward to. Early in the story as readers we get to know that a man seems definitely involved in the murder. Erica becomes quick a support for the family and has to deal with her own difficult loss of her parents and an unexpected problem caused by her sister's husband Lucas who wants to sell Erica and her sister Anna's late parents house where the two of them grew up. Erica begins to date a handsome police man investigating the murder helping out as much as she can. She has a personal interest in the case to use knowledge in a book project of hers.

I like the presentation of each character being easy to pick up. And I like that many of them are introduced early in the book!

The Ice Princess is the first of  Camilla Läckberg's crime books. And it seems promising! Camilla Läckberg has written many popular crime books . She writes good here with confidence and a good structure. This is my second reading of her books. Now I'm soon half way in the story looking forward to pick up the book again! :)

If you are into the fiction crime genre I can recomend this one. It is not as creepy as it seems looking at the book cover ;)

Old Photos

I looked through some old photos on my phone today. The time is going so fast and it feels like ages since I took these photos. I have quite a lot of old photos on my phone not all of them being good or interesting but I have some forgotten favourites there and profile pictures where I feel the photos of me does not look like me! I always change a lot every forth year my facing looking a lot different. Most of these photos are from 2008 or 2009. I wish they had better quality.

My cousin and old friend always loves vintage and second hand stuff so I borrowed one of her sun glasses among twelve others from her favourites decorating the wall. Today I found some cool second hand stuff and I will look for more of that :) It is fun when you find treasures quickly. I have not been collecting until now.

The photo of the pavillion is my favourite! I did not expect to find it where it was placed. Photographing from below and up gives an interesting touch to the photo :)

I also have some cool nature photos. For years nature has been my place to find inspiration to become better at art like writing and taking pictures. My interest in photography began when I saw the finest apple tre blossoming in our garden years ago. Then I knew I had to buy a real camera and begin training :)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A New The Balm Treat

The Balm Sexy Mama Anti-shine Translucent Powder

It is fun to see and try The Balm makeup. Because of the colors, finishes, quality and design I am loving this brand :) There is so much interesting to try from the brand. I've been missing a good mattifying powder. Just recently I bought this powder with a somewhat interesting color. It works as a matte  highlighter as well as mattifying the skin. Which is cool :) The color is a little beige yellow. With some warmth. I think mattifying powders should give some warmth to avoid the skin looking dull.

This powder is easy to apply even. A little goes a long way. The texture feels comfortable.  It comes with a small mirror only missing a brush. The product mattifies the skin as promised.  Of the mattifying powders I've tried and seen this seems like one of the better ones.

Wich mattifying powders will you compare this one with?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

About to Read. The Devil And Miss Prym

I'm in a good mood for reading these days. I've read soon two novels to the end in a short time and finished reading Anna Karenina. My third novel this month will be a book from Paulo Coelho. I've wished to read this for some time as it seems so interesting. I've read two of his novels before and remember the poetically writing to be a comfortable reading experience! This book is called The Devil and Miss Prym and is about struggle between good and evil. I hope to learn something new from reading it and also get inspiration for my fiction writing! I'll make a book review soon if I like the book. If I don't I'll probably write something anyway. Have you read The Devil And Miss Prym? If: What is good and bad here? I can't wait to begin reading. This cover is pretty by the way don't you think?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Todays Makeup. Harmonious Pink

Today I wanted to focus on pink makeup colors. Pretty, interesting and comfortable pink shades in a summery mix. These four products have a pastel color in different nuances and finishes looking pretty and kinda flawless. All the four shades I've used also have a highlight effect in them. The shiniest is the lipstick from Jan Thomas, called Paris Chic. It is a creamy lipstick and gives a nice color with coverage. The Smashbox Soft Light Prism Powder  is one of the prettiest products I have. It is so soft in color loving the light! And it still looks pretty on pale skin applied more heavily. It is very pastel but harmonious in warmth and applied lighly it looks interesting and subtle.

This is the type of makeup that does not need to be replied heavily during a day. A little goes a long way yet it looks pretty with more. I like that.

The little palette is from a brand called Makeup Mekka. The product is called Trio Cream Highlighter Showtime. I think it is a Norwegian brand. I think it is a bargain product :) I've used the pink cream blush today added on the top of my cheekbones and under. It does not need to be evenly applied to look pretty! It is a nice considering the size and all over look product to pop in the bag when your going to do your makeup in less time.

On the eyes this loose pigment looks pink with a dash of white. This is the Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow in 115. It looks slightly messy doesn't it but it is super easy to apply. And looks very elegant on!

Thanks for reading!

What do you think of my makeup?  :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mac Makeup Wish List

After beginning to blog about makeup I've become more and more in love with Mac. Because of the nice quality and interesting and endless selection of shades I never forget about the brand. :)
My first haul where lipsticks and I collect them gradually with lip pencils. Now I'm more interested in the blushes, lipliners and base products. For instance Mac Matte Creme seems like an interesting and good products to try with a hint of shimmer. I've not tried base products from this brand before or  eyeshadows. I guess I'll pick up one or more makeup products this summer. My top product wish is the Warm Rose powder. :) Then I've been wanting the cream eyeshadow Let's Skate for some time. I think that is the only shade that can suit me. And it looks like a pretty comfortable pick with good finish. The light pink powder looks flawless and so beautiful in nuance.
What do you think? Are the products worth buying?

-Mac Future Mineralize Skinfinish Warm Rose Powder

- Mac Boldly Bare lip pencil

- Mac Hip'n Happy Lip pencil

- Mac Lip Conditioner Tube

- Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot shade Let's Skate Eyeshadow

- Mac Matte Creme

Do you have a Mac makeup wish list? Or something from they're skin care range?


Monday, June 6, 2016

Easy Summer Makeup. Light Beige

In this makeup there's only soft beige colors with a touch of pink from a lipstick. I thought this look would be pretty for everyday makeup using only few products. Now in the summer that is a nice go to option and you can still get some tan. I always like a bit of coverage since my skin is uneven and paler then I want it to be. I've not been having problems getting tan when I wear little makeup. Some base products are heavier then others though. I like these base products: YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation in Beige Rose. Maybelline Fit Me concealer in shade 15. Kicks Light Beige Pressed Powder. Kicks Eye Brightener eyeliner.

I'm wearing these products today with a creamy lipstick from Clinique. Beige Pop. Which is swatched on the photo below. The finish is super pretty and all about it looks casual and elegant. Then it's a nude color which is versatile and harmonious because it is kinda more warm then cold. 

Do you like looks like this or do you prefer more colors using few products for summer? Or full face makeup? I usually do like more products on with different subtle colors but having something simple also feels comfortable.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Long Summer Day Makeup

Warm and sandy peach colors for makeup reminds me of warm nice weather, beach time in summer, traveling and exploring places. I guess the word sandy is not so pretty to use about makeup but I could not think of any other word. Last summer my favourite cheek palette was this one from Urban Decay. I found it again today and created a makeup look using these three colors with some other soft makeup. The pink Chanel lipstick, a pink Bourjois eyeshadow and my Maybelline mascara. A mascara I never go tired of. It gives a perfect curl to the lashes with silky black color :) The palette is perfect for warm long days with a hint of sun tan on the skin and a fruity color mix mainly with peach colors. I like that there is a bit of pink it the blush and highlighter. The contour color is beautiful for pale skin. I think it's a shame I've forgot about this palette but I think a summer season will make me use it a lot!

Some gems from Urban Decay, Bourjois, Maybelline and Chanel.

Do you like these products? And for which season? :)

Especially for summer I like the lipstick and palette. And the eyeshadow and mascara for all seasons. And I would not mind trying some similar products to these ones :)


Thursday, June 2, 2016

May Favourite Photo

I don't think I've shared this photo on my blog. The small green plants were by best photo on a walk by the lake on a rainy and cloudy day in May. I like the composition and strangeness of the green color looking slightly mysterious and wild. And I also like the subtle intensity of green. And the plants together look great. 

Dusty Red. Makeup

Todays makeup is inspired by summer, city life, bloggers and makeup bits. I wish I would have added some gold bronze highlighter here! I wear a cream sparkly soft white highlighter mixed with these two favourite blushes. Spellbinder and Frankly Scarlet by Mac. The makeup looks a little softer then in the photograph and I would wear it a lot during a summer. Trying to perfect it! Then less red and bronze gold over my cheeks with less powder. Overall I think it's a nice look. Okay makeup to wear on a sunny city day!

Soft gold details like in a bracelet are nice pieces for makeup inspiration. When they have some details like this! Comfy rustic but shiny and clear. It's not rose gold but the bracelet definitely have some warmth to it. I found it this spring from a brand called Bud to Rose. There was one in black to with small shiny black stones. 

On the lips I'm wearing Lord & Berry lip pencil in shade Rosso with some pink Korres lip balm on top. This is my favourite red shade for lips.