Monday, August 31, 2015

Some Photos From August

The four last photos here are from a walk I went some days ago. Today I forgot my camera. The lightening was absolutely beautiful. I have some other photos here as well. My favorite of those is the picture of the drawing. September is here now and it is still so gorgeous. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Favorite Photo

I spotted this yellow flower outside my window a couple days ago. Going for a photo walk I decided to start with these flowers, seeing if I could get some good photos. I like the bright intensity and harmonious, dark green. I think the yellow appear almost shiny! I'm also happy with how the composition turned out and depth. Then yellow is a happy color. :) It would be cool to have some of these inside!  

Autumn Movie List

Autumn is probably my favorite time of year to watch movies. I prefer movies to television shows with some exceptions. For instance I can't wait for new episodes of Sherlock. I love this series. I guess I will prefer action movies more then small drama series and movies. I've turned gradually more to this genre. One movie I've watched a lot lately is Die Hard. I don't focus on to many movies in my list and like to show diversity in genres/choices. First on my list is the movie I've seen most this summer, Die Hard. Though I always hope the good guy wins I here can't stop wonder what goes on in the villains mind so well played by Alan Rickman. He has a flat personality but interesting appearance with no changes.

A Poirot movie are on my list. I don't think there's been an exception. These movies are so timeless showing many places with an interesting mix of characters. I used to dream I would be in one of them. For my winter movie list I will probably do some changes and only see movies I haven't seen.

My movies:

Die Hard

 Death on the Nile


The Horse Whisperer


Red Lights

Pan's Labyrinth

Saturday, August 29, 2015

August Beauty Favorites

This month it's been easy to pick favourites. I bought two new products that are in this post. Then I've  sticked to two of my most used ones. First the new. I decided to find some new fragrances and remembered looking at this several times before. DKNY Women fragrance. It really is nice for everyday wear. Later this month I spotted a lip color from Max Factor in a beautiful orange tone. I have one similar product from this brand so I gave this a try. Most of my lipsticks are pink toned. This has a finish and nuance that is really beautiful. And it is not pricy. The subtle glow and color make it look both luxurious and casual.

My other products. On my travel this spring I picked up two tubes of the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I wear this as a primer and sometimes when I need extra moist. My solar powder is quite a gem. I favour this as a contour and all over powder. The finish is so subtle and elegant perfect for everyday wear.


Soap & glory Solar powder. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. Max Factor Charming Coral lip product and DKNY Women fragrance.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Todays Makeup

As you can see I'm not into the plum shades (yet). I really like subtle pink in shades like these blushes and the single eyeshadow. In this picture the eye color looks a little orange. I will focus more on lightening ahead. Today it's cloudy so I decided to wear my light foundation from Estée Lauder. I love the finish! I've added some warmth with the pink blushes and solar powder. The eyeshadow is really a gem. I've been waiting to use this until I got some tan. For lip color I've chosen one of my favourites from spring. A slightly sparkling peach shade. It looks more peachy then in photo. For concealer I've chosen my Maybelline concealer. And for brow color I've used a brown toned pencil that suites my natural color. It is easy to build up. 


Foundation Estée Lauder Double Wear in 1.0 Light

Concealer Maybelline Fit Me 15

Solar Powder Soap & Glory

Brow color Loreal Brow Artist shade Brunette

Blushes Smashbox  Prism(old) and Kicks So Sweet

Eyeshadow Bourjois Intense Extrait 03

Lip color Max Factor Xperience 08

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunday Walk

Photos from my walk this Sunday. I went my favorite path in wood landscape. The weather was perfect! I love these walks during summer time. Most flowers are gone but the trees are still green.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Todays Makeup


Loreal Infallible foundation 130 True Beige
Maybelline Fit Me concealer shade 15
Soap & Glory Solar Powder
Stila Pink Glow blush
Revlon Juicy Papaya lipstick
Loreal Super Liner Brow Artist in Brunette

Today I decided to wear a new foundation with some of my favorite makeup gems. Like this lipstick and sun powder from Revlon and Soap & Glory. They are so easy to wear with different colors and have a lovely finish :) I also wear as usual my concealer which I never go tired of and eyebrow color. And then a little gem of a blush that I picked up in London. A beautiful pink, baked blush. I've had this for months now and only used this a couple times! I wear both color nuances. Also with solar powder. The darkest under my cheek bones. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Balm Powder Treat

YSL Les Shariennes 

Balm powder

I often with little doubt select the beauty products I'll buy. Though sometimes I might not take notice of others. I think this makeup gem is in the second group. I discovered it on some blogs a while ago. It looked so gorgeous that I decided to try it. Cream contour shades often look dirty or washed out. I think this has a spot on glow with a luxurious feel. It is inspite the heavy texture look easy to apply. I think during summer and autumn this is an essential. I hope to get a lot of use of it. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Baked Blush Find

 I found this colourful rouge looking like a perfect autumn blush. I find the color mix beautiful. I don't know how to describe this shade.  Red is the first nuance I notice. Then pink. Yet it comes off on the cheeks a special color difficult describing. It gives a fresh burst of color that will look gorgeous in autumn. I love how easy it applies and the lasting power is great. The color looks light and dark at the same time. I think it's the darker nuance that made me pick this up.

Kicks Baked Blush in shade Fashionista

Have you found a perfect autumn blush?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Todays Makeup

I found two products I'd almost forgotten. I found both this summer. A gorgeous rouge shade and a glossy, subtle pink lipstick that I decided to wear. I left in a hurry to catch the bus so I did not post this earlier today. As usual I started with my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation in light. And applied concealer matching, my Maybelline Fit Me in shade 15. Then I went on to sun powder using the darker shade for contour and applied lightly the honey shade all over my face. Under my eyes out to the side I put some pink rouge. I did not feel like using highlighter but instead focused on sun powder and rouge. My last steps were lipstick and eye brow color in dark brown.

Rouge: Makeup Store shade Cherry Blossom
Lipstick: YSL Volupté Sheer Candy
Brows: Loreal Brow Artist shade Brunette
Sun Powder: Soap & Glory

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Summer Saturday

We've had some pretty cloudy days lately and generally this summer has not been one of the best. Days were you can stay out in sun now and then without melting are the ones I like best. I hope we have more of them.

Today I decided to have a walk by the water and later visit a cafe. I ended up buying a wool sweater and a new book. I will still use summer styled clothes a lot ahead :) I considered maybe going to cinema but found I was to tired so I'll do that tomorrow :) This evening I've been reading non stop in.  I started reading in Defending Jacob by William Landay. I will read some more and perhaps see a movie. If I had more energy I would go for a new walk :) I love walking in summer weather. And during evenings the temperature is perfect. Also I would organize a little more my makeup stuff. Next week I receive a The Balm blush palette I can't wait to try! It might come handy on my next travels.

Have you had a nice summer day?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Todays Walk

After breakfast I found my camera and satchel and went out for a walk. Though cloudy the temperature was lovely and I found several opportunities for photographing. I started my journey from the flat some hundred meters before the path takes you down to the water. The path by the water was dry and is great for walking on cloudier days. I followed one close to the water all the time. When I came to the second part where your walking right next to it I saw so many beautiful photo possibilities with the trees reflecting it's leafs in the water. It does not sound so pretty on cloudy days but it was gorgeous! At that time I was tired and decided to take photos another day. Which I will :) But then, a shorter journey. I could walk for hours but then I would not be able to do other things. There's a bus stop right outside the flat and usually I take the bus down to the beginning paths. One day I will show photos from the other side of the water. I like how different the routes appear and actually are :)

A Walk Recently

Photos from a walk last week. We went to a water nearby where I live. It was quite a long walk from were we started. The nature mainly looked like the last photo. That's the nature field I've been wandering the most in looking back. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

One of my Latest Drawings

I usually draw with oil pastels. Many times I like combinations in one drawing. Lately I've drawn some with only color pencils. Like this one. I felt like drawing some buildings and decided one of them would make a contrast to the other being white with colourful contour. I added a couple dogs, flowers, trees and benches. I like the huge tree. That was one of the first elements I started with then adding more as I was making the drawing. I like working like this. 

Have you been working on some drawings lately?