Friday, June 29, 2018

Daily Reading

For a while now I've been taking time to read daily. Short stories, crime, novels or for instance magazines. Though the sun is shining and the urge to write more get stronger I often ask my self: What about reading? Crime is my favorite genre. Lately I've been into classical novels and satire. The latter has never been on my mind actually. 

I've had my nose in a satire book. A nice read so far and I have no idea what to expect about the rest. I'm talking about American Psycho. I've seen the movie. The atmosphere is the same. But apparently the level of violece is different. I'm hoping it does not get too scary because I enjoy the story as it is now. So much that I quickly thought I'll blog about it. And I will more if I finish the book and find it okay to recommend. 

At the library today I sat down to write blog posts. Where one is about my book wish list. And I would love recommendations! Especially books written by Charlotte Bronte. I've only read Jane Eyre so far. A must read.

What have you read lately? Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

One of My Movie Favorites So Far This Year. Psycho (1960)

I did not knew what to expect from the movie Psycho (1960) when I put it on. It is a movie most people have heard about. My only association was a scary scene where a woman is attacked. I noticed the dvd cover in a store and instantly wanted to see it. I wanted to be surprised. And thought I would be so I read nothing about it.

It begins with a woman stealing money then seeking shelter at a motel one stormy evening. As the only guest there she gets all of the owner's (Norman Bates) attention. That turns out to be dangerous. Quickly she is attacked.

Since she stole a lot of money poeple search for her. A detective, sister and boyfriend. The motel get's their attention quickly. And Norman Bates.

 Why does no one see the controlling mother of Norman Bates who live so close to the motel? That was one of the things I liked. I was surprised by a couple things I will always remember. If you see the movie I guess you will be surprised too.

 The acting was so good! Intense and effortless looking. If you like black and white movies and scary movies I would reccomend this. I feel like reading the book this movie is based on.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A New Favorite Foundation. Tan Can Wait

The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation in Kaili Azalea 012

This is one very pretty foundation! Because it looks so healthy it is my current favorite. I like the light foundation colors that look warm. I might have mentioned that many times before. Warm nuances like honey and caramel makes this beautiful soft. It is a matte natural color. Out in the sun it looks slightly dewy. Dewy looking makeup is the best makeup. It is clarifying which is the absolute best thing! What other makeup is? I feel now matte can look pretty. With this the no makeup makeup look is tempting.

What is your foundation favorite? 

Thursday, June 14, 2018


I have a few things in mind for this weekend. Something relaxing. It's been a while since I've been drawing. That always made me happy. I'm thinking something colorful. I have a thing for stripes now. So that will decorate my bedroom.

I want to read. I'm halfway in Naboparet (The Couple Next Door) by Shari Lapena.  It is diffult to put down.You know you will be surprised. It's a bit funny too. Sometimes the atmosphere is a bit too creepy. But the story is so interesting that I ignore it. Halfway a big part of the mystery is releaved by one of the gulity ones. I can't wait to read more and see what some of the strange characters do. And see if the police man will continue to be so intuitive.
Also I would like to read about how to write good. Skriveboka by Merete Morken Andersen will help me there. I always come back to this inspiring book.

Back to decor. Today I found an eye catching decor piece. I've not liked black but this may change my mind. It's an elegant piece. Have you seen something similar then I would love tips.

For many years when growing up weekends usually ment movie time. This weekend I'll be watching Psycho. I've heard about it many times. The only word I remember though is "classic." Hopefully it is not too scary.

What will you do this weekend?

Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Beautiful Color for Summer

In warm weather I feel this dewy, cream  color in pink is a safe option. The color looks so healthy. Like the skin after a good outdoor exercise would but with a hint of pearl shimmer. It reminds me of fresh roses and I'm thinking this is a lovely product to use in a sporty or elegant makeup look! What do you think of the product? 

 Isadora Bronzing Highlighting Stick in color Pink Sunset