Saturday, January 13, 2018

December Favorite Movie. The Terminator

Last month I loved an action movie from the 80s about machines rising against humans. A cyborg (half machine, half human)  and two humans desperatly trying to escape from it. I'm talking about The Terminator. The cyborg is programmed to kill a woman that in future will give birth to an important person the machines see as a threat.

The woman (Sara) lives a peaceful life when the terminator begins his hunt for her.
The man helping Sara is also from the future. He's sent back in time to protect her.

I think one of the most interesting scenes is in the beginning. When the man steals from a begger to get something he needs. And the terminator kills to get what he needs.

This is an intense action movie. There is never a boring moment here.

Are you interested in The Terminator movies? What are your thoughts on this one? :)