Monday, February 25, 2019

New in the Beauty Bag

Revlon nail polish Desirable and Ultra Hd Matte Lipcolor Embrace.

It's time for some new makeup. I only want a copule new things but products I will like for a long time. I've collected new items from Revlon. A brand I've been curious about because of their color selection. I bought this nail polish and lip gloss. These products catched my atttention first so I selected them.

Earlier I've tried a peach lipstick, cream rouge and red nail polish from Revlon. Which all became favorite products. Perhaps this will be a new favorite brand for me.

I'm wearing the lip gloss in this photo. I would say it looks a bit warmer then here. More like in the first photo.

What is new in your beauty bag? :)

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Skin Like Foundation

Dermacol Imperial Make-Up foundation. Color pale.

I like natural looking makeup a lot. This foundation is maybe the most natural looking one I've tried. What is yours? I prefer my skin not to shine visible through makeup and still do. This foundation gives a type of glow I like. As if it has a touch of solar powder in it. A touch of solar powder too makes the foundation pop. The foundation feels luxurious and is not sticky at all! Texture wise it is the best high street foundation I have tried. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Pretty Pink Saturday Haul

Hi there! How are you? I'm glad it is weekend. It has been a long week with more activity than usual. And tomorrow I have an extra day to rest. I always have Mondays to do that. I wonder how to spend it best. 

  I had to buy some things yesterday and found some needed cosmetics. And a new scented candle. One far sweeter then I usually buy. It is a cute candle in baby pink color with a silver lid. The candle smells of roses. I think it will be a repurchase. And maybe the cosmetics. One thing is for sure I like the scent of these Missguided products! The body mist will probably be one of my February favorite products. The Missguided products design is salient. They look pretty on the bath room shelf. The spray has a subtle portion of shimmer in it. The scent of the other products is milder. That totally works for me. I like a combination of strong and mild scents.