Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sweden Day Trip


 In June I followed two guys over the border to Gothenburg in Sweden. We drove from Oslo early in the morning and spent a long day in the city. My first trip to Sweden was fun and interesting. We went shopping, stopped to eat at different places, took photos and visited a friend of my friend.
Before the rain came pouring down I got several photos in the city. My shopping included makeup and small decor pieces. We spent much time in a book store and I almost got won over by a selection of Sherlock Holmes stories. Sephora did not impress me much but I found my first pick of Nars makeup there. A lipstick called Bangkok looking dusty red.

People seemed friendly, curious, calm and always present. The streets were charming. Especially on
ground level. Some places we saw some pretty cool outdoor art that lightened up one of the the long streets. If I would come back to Goethenburg city I would also visit a theathre and shop more stuff!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day trip! I love exploring bookstores in new cities as well x