Friday, July 29, 2016

Yoga and Reading.

 I've had this photo lying around for a little while. I like the peaceful colors. I've began decorating my room a new and want only peaceful colors like this to look at!

Having more peaceful days is my focus now. I like to calm myself with reading. Not only fiction litterature but also pschycology and self development litterature! It helps me focusing my strength on one day at a time and accepting the heavy stressful emotions I walk around with a lot many days. I like reading at the library. It is super calm and quiet there. And everywhere I look there are tons of books. I am reading most non-fiction now. It is nice to balance it. What I like about ficiton books is the diversity of stories and the knowledge. And imagination.

I am still doing yoga. After starting with this activity in April I do it frequently and see results from it with better sleep and more calm. I do it for the health benefits focusing on breathing, stretching and resting. Sometimes it works really well and other days I have less benefit from it. I've never tried yoga classes before. Do you think that is more benefitial for a good result time after time?  For some reason the bests result came in the beginning. Now I do longer yoga acts but I notice I need to work more on relaxing when I do yoga! I do it alone and find poses on the net that feels comfortable and easy to do with variety and repeat these! It is a simple way to work out strenghtening body and mind. When I begin dancing this autumn I think it will inspire me to take yoga more seriously. It's been a long time since I've taken dance lessons. This time I'll try ballet for 13 weeks beginning in September. =) I look forward to that. Next stop. Dance shop buying ballet shoes :)

July Beauty Favourites

This month I got four beauty favourites. Some of them are favourites first now though I've had
them for a long time. Like the facial spray and the nail polish. And the interesting fragrance I forgot a little too soon after buying. The newest buy of these are the beauty blender. I bought it on a day trip to Sweden and I can not remember the brand but it is definitely a good beauty blender! :) It was budget friendly too. I apply my foundation and colcealer quick and easy with this and the Emma S. moisturizing facial mist which gives moist and the right stickyness. The spray is calming to the skin and has a nice, subtle scent. It also gives my makeup an additional finish looking more rejuvenated!

Over to my favourite nail polish. Essie sole mate. I love how this purple color look so casual, elegant and calming. And the deep shine is super pretty! It is a deep purple only needed to be applied once for a good coverage. I think I like how the shine looks in this better then in the light coloured Essie nail polishes. And it is a versatile colour.

Eternity Now by Calving Clein is a fresh, floral fragrance with a feelgood vibe. It feels uplifting, sometimes a little sharp and edgy. There is a hint of something bittersweet here and sometimes I feel it really works. Especially this month I've been turning to this fragrance rediscovering it. And the bottle is super cute and dreamy! I think the scent matches the elegance of the bottle good :) It is a nice mix mild and strong fragrance balance where a little goes a long way.

What are your July beauty favourites?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday Museum Visit

 I love spending time in the Botanical Garden in Oslo. I thought now it was time to visit one of the museums there. It was not the biggest museum but pretty cool :) There are so many cool details to study that you could never go tired. This time I visited a Natural History Museum. Here I liked best seeing the fossiles and the big dinosaurs. I went there alone. I would like some company next time. Someone to admire all the art with :) This place is in Oslo City. And I would recommend coming here to the museums and the Botanical Garden which is huge, cozy and calming and with a most charming cafe :) There are always people in the garden and in the cafe. The museum had a calming atmosphere. And I can imagine that here are always most family visitors :) You could get very close to everything in the museum. All the areas had little and soft lightening. I would as a hobby photographer liked a little more lightning. ;)

 Have you been to museums lately?

I like seeing stones like this. There were types I had not seen before now. And they were incredible fascinating :) I like the ones loooking watery like or with intense colours and a soft almost pearly shine. 

I was a little dissapointed by the museum shop selection. But the museum experience is most important of course :)

So, would you like to visit the museum when you are in Oslo city? What do you find most fun about museums? To me it is all the diversity. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sweden Day Trip


 In June I followed two guys over the border to Gothenburg in Sweden. We drove from Oslo early in the morning and spent a long day in the city. My first trip to Sweden was fun and interesting. We went shopping, stopped to eat at different places, took photos and visited a friend of my friend.
Before the rain came pouring down I got several photos in the city. My shopping included makeup and small decor pieces. We spent much time in a book store and I almost got won over by a selection of Sherlock Holmes stories. Sephora did not impress me much but I found my first pick of Nars makeup there. A lipstick called Bangkok looking dusty red.

People seemed friendly, curious, calm and always present. The streets were charming. Especially on
ground level. Some places we saw some pretty cool outdoor art that lightened up one of the the long streets. If I would come back to Goethenburg city I would also visit a theathre and shop more stuff!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Photos 2016

Here's photos I've taken from the summer so far and soon I'll post more of them. Many here are from the Botanical garden in Oslo. I was there just today with my oldest brother. We stopped at the cafe and walked around in the garden  taking photos in the pretty weather.