Friday, July 29, 2016

Yoga and Reading.

 I've had this photo lying around for a little while. I like the peaceful colors. I've began decorating my room a new and want only peaceful colors like this to look at!

Having more peaceful days is my focus now. I like to calm myself with reading. Not only fiction litterature but also pschycology and self development litterature! It helps me focusing my strength on one day at a time and accepting the heavy stressful emotions I walk around with a lot many days. I like reading at the library. It is super calm and quiet there. And everywhere I look there are tons of books. I am reading most non-fiction now. It is nice to balance it. What I like about ficiton books is the diversity of stories and the knowledge. And imagination.

I am still doing yoga. After starting with this activity in April I do it frequently and see results from it with better sleep and more calm. I do it for the health benefits focusing on breathing, stretching and resting. Sometimes it works really well and other days I have less benefit from it. I've never tried yoga classes before. Do you think that is more benefitial for a good result time after time?  For some reason the bests result came in the beginning. Now I do longer yoga acts but I notice I need to work more on relaxing when I do yoga! I do it alone and find poses on the net that feels comfortable and easy to do with variety and repeat these! It is a simple way to work out strenghtening body and mind. When I begin dancing this autumn I think it will inspire me to take yoga more seriously. It's been a long time since I've taken dance lessons. This time I'll try ballet for 13 weeks beginning in September. =) I look forward to that. Next stop. Dance shop buying ballet shoes :)

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