Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The Best Book I Read in 2020


"An Unwanted Guest" was the most interesting book I read in 2020. I read it in a couple of days since it was so catchy.

Of all books I read previous year this was most surprising and atmospheric!

Tourists look forward to spend quality time in a hotel away from distractions. They get a horrible time. Because of a lot of snow and wind they have to stay longer then wanted. A dead body found there is the reason they want to leave.

The dead was one of the guests. She was found dead by the stairs leading up to their bedrooms. When they move around in the hotel they have to be prepared of the aweful sight and soon all wonders if it was a murder.

The small group stay together in order to prevent a second death. Later another guest is found dead. One guest actually finds it all inspiring and wants to kill his wife. 

The quests quarrel a lot but try to stay together. Some hope to find romance, others are ready to separate and some wants to be a killer. 

There were some absurd situations. Like the fact that someone would find the situation inspiring and want to comit murder. Also there is a paranoid guest who runs out in the cold night alone with little clothes and full of sudden panic. She does not come back. 

I think I would reread this book. What was your favorite book in 2020?