Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn Photos 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn Leaves

In the beginning of autumn I think about autumn trees and photographing them. Many times it slips out of my mind until it is to late. This time I've gotten some photos that I would like to share with you guys. And perhaps more to come :) I especially like big yellow leaves. Loads of them on the trees and on the ground. 

Setting Powder

I like trying new products. Since I'm on a tight budget it does not happen to often. That makes me more excited about trying and finding new products to like. I've tried a couple products from Makeup Mekka before, and absolutely loved them. Today this one arrived in my mail box. I'm not to familiar with powders. Usually I've been using foundation and rouge. Some of my previous foundations have given a nice look all day through. This powder is meant to make foundation stay on, and prevent rouge, high lighter, sun powder and powder from getting out of place. I'm hoping it becomes a new favorite in my makeup kit! I love my current foundations, but they will not stay on all day.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September Favorite Photo

There's still some left of September. However I am pretty sure this photo will stay as my favorite of this month.

I like the harmonic feel to the picture, and the fact that I got three birds on it :) If the photo had looked grayer it would not have been nice. The sun light does not cover to much for the colors to shine through.

Do you have a favorite photo this month? :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Beauty Treats

I quickly became fond of these latest additions to my beauty stash. Looking for a sparkling nail polish I came across this one from H & M. It has a nice shine and beautiful sparkle. The size and price is a bonus. I also picked up a bronzing powder from Maybeline. It looks very flawless with a nice, soft shine in three different shades.

The Nivea cream has not left my handbag since I bought it. The size is practical. My skin looks better and the cream nourishes well!

And yesterday I bought this one :) I have two products from soap and glory that I absolutely love. Will this be the third one? 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend Photos

It's been a nice weekend. Even though I got a colds and it seemed to get worse, I had the energy and joy of being outdoors and walking around the streets for some time. On Friday I popped by an art gallery and an architecture museum on Culture Night. I wish I had more energy, then I would have enjoyed more of it, and stayed longer. I still got some inspiration during the time there and took some photos. These are from the architecture museum. And the photo from the park is from today.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Photo Day

Between summer and autumn :) Summer temperature is blending with slightly colder days and we have sunny days with a soft breeze. Today I went with my camera to the botanical garden and enjoyed a lunch and a walk later, taking photos. I was happy to see flowers still, in different colors, making it look like summer.
Also trees in autumn colors is a wonderful sight. Most trees are still green, but some have changed.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More of Art

Just recently I and my neighbor's lovely girlfriend visited an art museum here in Oslo. It was a wonderful, magical and interesting experience. It is so rare I go to such places. This Friday there will be culture night in Oslo with free entry many places. I have been studying the catalogue over and over again, narrowing down on my go to see list. There are many interesting things. I've decided to search inspiration at an architecture museum and at an art gallery. I can not wait to go there. There is also an opportunity for me to see a dance performance.  

I have not been into architecture before. Drawing and painting has been a hobby of mine. I think about architecture when traveling, or seeing a new type of building. I think there are many beautiful buildings to be found everywhere when looking for them. Personally glass and colors immediately catch my attention. 

I hope to find inspiration to draw, write and learn more about these things, and architecture too. To understand more when studying buildings sitting at a cafe, or walking in the streets.

I will visit more museums and visit galleries this autumn. And read about art. My drawing, that I started on a saturday is still not complete. Time to finish it :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friends' Art 

Clothes by Ingeborg and paintings by Maiken. Here are more  photos of their art :) Enjoy!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

 Friends' Art

I thought it would be cool to write about and share some of my friends creative work :)
It's not often I've seen their actual work. So it is very exciting to spot something they have made. Every time I visit my friend Ingeborg all the rooms are filled up with colors, memories and vintage clothes. There is barely an empty space left in her flat :) And Maiken I've always known have some hidden talents. Paintings here are made by Maiken Hauge and clothes  by Ingeborg Aas Nerland =)