Friday, July 30, 2021

Hand Bag Loveliness!

Today my blog focus is on this lovely hand bag! This salient item caught my eyes in a Monki shop recently. The shape, fabric and gold color is perfect! The color looks shiny in a pearly way. Which I love!

I just had to buy it. It is so cute and elegant. 

I like hand bags in this and similar shapes. I have one pink and brown hand bag in a similar shape and they are perfect for everyday use. And then I have this for nicer occations.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

«Second Place» by Rachel Cusk. Just Read and Loved

This book is written like a long letter. It is from the main character who is a lonely woman. And to a person called Jeffers. 

The story happens where the lonely woman lives with her husband, their daughter and their daughters husband. 

The place itself seems harmonious. But the main character is very lonely. She invites a famous artist to a second place they have. The coming guest is a painter called L. 

His paintings is much adored by the woman. She hopes his artistic mind will be uplifting. But his behaviour is far from it. 

Strangely enough he decides to hide from her as her guest. And he talks to the others and paints them, but avoids her. 

At one point the lonely woman seems to feel like a stranger there. I thought L seemed a bit creepy. And I thought it weird that he was hiding so much.

The story had a sad ending especially for one person! 

The story is atmospheric and beautifully written! I liked the letter form! The main character is open about her feelings about L to Jeffers. And how this painter impacts her family! 

I wished to know more about L! The image I have of him is like a person from a fading dream one is struggeling to remember.

The story felt realistic, sad, and sometimes comical. It was catchy reading. And one of the best books I have read so far in 2021!