Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday. Ballet Shoes and Books

I bought ballet shoes today. A white pair so comfortable on that it will be a dream to dance in these! I went to a cafe and bought limonade and a crossaint. Then I went to a gigantic book store and sat down in one of the many chairs reading the first book I picked up. I read half of it. A book about Einstein and his works told by someone else. Then I looked around for other interesting books. When entering Eldorado book store you first step into a cafe like living room with big, comfy chairs, tables, coffee and back ground music. Any book lover must visit the store :) It is in Oslo City, looking invisible from the outside. But don't be fooled, it's gigantic on the inside with the three floors.

I went home with my ballet shoes but no books. I will find the one I read in today and borrow a bunch of others to read in September. I'm so in mood for reading! :) Two of my favourite Norwegian authors have new books out now.

I'm ending my day with a cup of coffee and a movie. I hope you've had a nice day! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Transitional Makeup

The autumn sunlight is so pretty. In makeup at this time of year I like makeup that looks highlighted in many lights. Like my Estee Lauder EE cream. It is pearly and warm on the skin. An absolute must for me in autumn. It is not an intense pearly shine but very elegant! In warm daylight it looks super gorgeous <3

Clinique Beige Pop lipstick has an unique shine and colour. It looks dusty and pearly beige, pink and peach. It is super pigmented and comfortable on the lips. The Nars Bangkok lipstick has a more matte finish with a dusty red colour. It is super versatile with makeup colours. These products look gorgeous on pale skin tones. The lipsticks also with dark skin tones. I have a light EE cream colour from this brand and have not tried darker shades and I don't get very tanned during summer so this one is a good option for me! :)

These three products are my favourites now with staples like a nude eyeliner and a shimmery beige eyeshadow. If you like dark plum colours you should try a nail polish like this from Essie :) A plum colour looking like velvet. :)

I have some other products here too that I will wear more. Gorgoeus shimmery ones :)

What makeup do you like now?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August Read. Lucia Berlin Stories

I picked up a big book with short stories from this author at the library today. Lucia Berlin-A Manual for Cleaning Women. I was surprised to find it at the small local library. I was looking for this book and a new book from the Norwegian author Heide Furre. I will read the latter in September :)

Most of the short stories are quick to read. The use of language is a little interesting :) Everyday activities, survival, poverty and relations are common in the stories. I like the ones with a young main character seing how they live with all the difficulties around them and in them.

There is a lot of details, curiousity, longing and searching in the stories. I like the curiousity angle a lot! :) And dreaming. It is not heavy to read or too sad. There are surprising moments and moments where you may doubt what is real in the characters lifes.

I think I like this book. It is definitely different from what I've read before.

Have you read A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Lately

 I am glad we've had real summer weather again in Oslo now.  I've had fun going for walks, visiting cafes and visiting Akershus Castle and Fortress seing the outdoor art there by Laura Ford. And the area and buildings! My first trip to this place were a couple weeks ago with two girls who showed me the place. Then I also saw the strange and interesting art pieces. Some were rather ugly but others I still think of and remember. The two photos at the top of this blog post shows my favourite art pieces there! I love that the sitting girl is placed where it is :) Like you could just pick it up and carry it some place! So I have been here three times lately discovering a little more each time and all days it was sunny with a comfortable temperature :) The view from the higher areas there was pretty good and cool :) From some angles Oslo looks like a green forest rather then a city!

I've not read as much fiction as I usually do. When I feel like it I pick one or two stories from a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories to read with a cup of coffee or tea :) I drink a lot of coffee these days.  A girl I met yesterday said that drinking coffee is like reading a good book :) I completely agree :)

I always go for walks and I like the intense green colours of the trees! And I hope the green colour will stay for weeks to come with the warm weather.

I have pretty much not shopped anything at all this summer. When I go to shops I prefer the secondhand shops! To look for necklaces, rings and shoes. As autumn comes I need cool and pretty wool pieces as well :) This necklace is my best find this summer.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer Makeup Medley

 For blush my top pick has been the  Maybelline cream blush in this peach shade. Seriously it looks so elegant, more like a high end blush. And the finish and texture is really good. You can tell makeup has been given extra attention when a nice scent is added  to it. This one has a calming fruity scent. The packaging is travel friendly so it is a top summer blush pick for me. The colour really brings a nice glow and healthy look! The blush looks dewy on the skin and stays on for a long time. I would like to try the shimmery beige blush too from Maybelline.

Revlon got a lipstick that never looks boring or wrong for spring/summer. The colour Juicy Papaya which looks a little dewy and fresh is a subtle, comfortable lipstick. It gives a nice, healthy glow.

A nude eyeliner is a staple in my makeup. It looks good with everything and brightens up the eye area. A good eyeliner should have the right creamy and dry texture blend. For a dewy makeup look this one is so pretty! It is from a Scandinavian beauty brand called Kicks.

  I found this dusty red and beige lipstick from Nars this summer and it looks so wearable. The shade is called Bangkok. It is not a cheap lipstick or brand but the shade I find quite unique :)

Plum colours are typical autumn but I've strongly favoured this nail polish now :) It gives me a feelgood vibe. And the intense colour looks calming and elegant. I especially love the shine and coverage!

Have you wore some of these products this summer?


What is your favourite makeup for summer?