Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August Read. Lucia Berlin Stories

I picked up a big book with short stories from this author at the library today. Lucia Berlin-A Manual for Cleaning Women. I was surprised to find it at the small local library. I was looking for this book and a new book from the Norwegian author Heide Furre. I will read the latter in September :)

Most of the short stories are quick to read. The use of language is a little interesting :) Everyday activities, survival, poverty and relations are common in the stories. I like the ones with a young main character seing how they live with all the difficulties around them and in them.

There is a lot of details, curiousity, longing and searching in the stories. I like the curiousity angle a lot! :) And dreaming. It is not heavy to read or too sad. There are surprising moments and moments where you may doubt what is real in the characters lifes.

I think I like this book. It is definitely different from what I've read before.

Have you read A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin?

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