Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Lately

 I am glad we've had real summer weather again in Oslo now.  I've had fun going for walks, visiting cafes and visiting Akershus Castle and Fortress seing the outdoor art there by Laura Ford. And the area and buildings! My first trip to this place were a couple weeks ago with two girls who showed me the place. Then I also saw the strange and interesting art pieces. Some were rather ugly but others I still think of and remember. The two photos at the top of this blog post shows my favourite art pieces there! I love that the sitting girl is placed where it is :) Like you could just pick it up and carry it some place! So I have been here three times lately discovering a little more each time and all days it was sunny with a comfortable temperature :) The view from the higher areas there was pretty good and cool :) From some angles Oslo looks like a green forest rather then a city!

I've not read as much fiction as I usually do. When I feel like it I pick one or two stories from a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories to read with a cup of coffee or tea :) I drink a lot of coffee these days.  A girl I met yesterday said that drinking coffee is like reading a good book :) I completely agree :)

I always go for walks and I like the intense green colours of the trees! And I hope the green colour will stay for weeks to come with the warm weather.

I have pretty much not shopped anything at all this summer. When I go to shops I prefer the secondhand shops! To look for necklaces, rings and shoes. As autumn comes I need cool and pretty wool pieces as well :) This necklace is my best find this summer.

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