Saturday, January 31, 2015


Write books

Grow a large group of blog followers 

Learn to dance, becoming skilled

Travel the world around with camera

Visit many Opera Houses, seeing many shows

Become a movie star :)

 I hope all of them come true. I think it's important to believe in dreams and never stop searching for them to expand, becoming more then just a dream :)


Sometimes when I buy a beauty product, it is quickly forgotten. And sometimes almost everything is perfect but there is one thing that doesn't work. As I planned what should be my february makeup I decided to go through my makeup more throughly and rediscover products. The first product I found was this tinted lip balm. It has a beautiful red color. I thought it would be a staple in my makeup routine. It's going in my February makeup. I love how it looks. And it smells nice. I think the design is beautiful.

Another product I rediscovered was my Emma S. ageless oxygen mask. This is one of the best facial masks I've tried :) It leaves my skin feeling perfect. I've had this as a staple in my skin care routine.

Which products are you bringing back? :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

February Makeup

I thought it was time to make some changes in my makeup routine. Lately I've been loving the solar powder from Soap & Glory and my Isadora foundation. These will be in my makeup routine this month too. Along with these products.

Maybelline Dream Fresh bb cream
Rimmel Stay Matte foundation
Maybelline Dream Touch Concealer
Gosh blush Bronze Pie
Loreal Super Liner Dark Brown
H & M Solid Black eyeliner
Lypsyl Rosy Lips
Gosh Velvet touch Lipstick in Tropical

 I've gone for a touch of color with the rouge, lipstick and lip balm. 
  What will you be wearing in February?  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Sleeping Pattern Change

Getting up earlier in the morning really make days better. I've managed to forget about this. For a while my sleeping pattern has been quite unbalanced and I haven't got the full benefit of daytime, and daylight. 

Some things to get me motivated:

  • Photography. I really enjoy photographing on a sunny day. And cloudy days as well. On sunny days I prefer outdoor photography more. Indoors I like photographing blogging content. And I need to make benefit of daylight. 

  • Blogging. I love to write as well. My brain is most effective the first part of the day. I would like to go out more and blog about cafe visits and show photographs. Blogging has given some good effects on my condition. I have more energy and are more easily inspired. I enjoy reading blogs just as much as a good book. :)

  • Training. I'm thinking about swimming which is time to get started doing again. Walking is nice too, but swimming is always nice :) 

Beauty Wish list

I've spent time reading beauty blogs and seen some stunning products. I've become good at finding the right products just by looking at pictures :) From February until Summer I hope to have collected some of these products.

Guerlain Perles De Blush Angelic Radiance

Bourjois Java Rice Powder

The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Candy

Isadora Nude Sensation Fluid Foundation shade 12 Nude Sand

Guerlain Cils D'enfer Volume Creating Curl Sculpting Mascara

Some great picks last year.

Isadora Wake Up make-up foundation in shade 02 Sand
Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick 149 Dangerous
Max Factor Pink Brandy 825 lipstick

Do you have a beauty wish list? 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Notebook Love

I just got this lovely notebook. It's a birthday present :) I love the simple layout and the pictures. Generally I got a love for photography! And some of these look magical! So now I got a new one to add to my collection :) This one will be for special writings. Or to note down something on a special day. Maybe poems will end up here. It's been a while since I wrote poems and stories.  I bought a huge, green floral notebook to write down my crime stories. Once I get into it, it's wonderful. I wanna write some new stories, improve my others and finish the half made ones. About the diary again. One of the things I like about the pictures is the inspiration it gives me to photograph more. For a long time my favorite images would be the ones of landscape and flowers.

I tend to write quite a lot. But I like the empty, scrapbook looking pages. They are perfect for shorter texts, drawings and images.

                                              How does your favorite notebook look like?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Sunday Trip to The Opera House

Me and Maiken at the cafe. Notice the design of the area around us :)

Today I and my friend Maiken and her boyfriend, Kristoffer decided to visit The Opera House for a guided tour. It was cool to see the back stage areas, costumes and sketches and see the grandest performance room. For around 50 minutes we saw many places in the Opera House and some artists rehearsing. Personally I enjoyed the most to hear about the design and material chosen for the place. The philosophy behind it. And see the costume work room with all its material, big windows, sketches and wonderful costumes along the walls. We passed two musicians in rehearsal for their concert and I and Maiken dreamed of listening to their music performance. After a good 50 minutes we went to the cafe and the shop for some relaxing and inspiration. Unfortunally I forgot my camera this time. But Maiken took pictures from our visit ;) And below are some of my own from a visit last winter.

The first picture is showing an art piece on water. And this one shows The Opera House in Oslo. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

January Favorite Photo

I'm picking this one as my favorite photo of the month. I'm happy about the placing of items and color nuances. I think it looks really cool and the items too :) <3

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Frequently Used

I have a couple items I've been in love with from the start and used pretty much daily. My notebooks never collect dust! I have at least one with me wherever I go! I love writing and feel helpless without something to write on. To me notebooks are essentials I need in my every day life.

This tea has become my favorite. As you see from the blog post below :) I don't think my tea addiction will ever end :) Drinking it is kind of like meditation. Something I need a lot more of.

This body mist like the tea, has a calming effect. And it smells really fresh. I love the scent. It is very sweet without being to much.

What are your items you can't be without? :)

My Favorite Movie Soundtracks

For a long time my favorite music were the Inception soundtracks. I could hear them over a period of several months . And hopefully I will fall in love with them again. I love movie soundtracks. Since Christmas I've been listening to music from Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. These soundtracks also bring a magical atmosphere! Generally of all the Harry Potter movies this one has been my favorite!

  My favorite tracks:

  • The Story Begins
  • Malfoy's Mission
  • Into the Rushes
  • Ginny
  • Snape and the Unbreakable Wow
  • Living Death
  • Journey to the Cave

Soundtracks by Nicholas Hooper

Let me know what your favorite movie music is! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Favorite Lip Products

Maybelline Color Drama Minimalist
Maybelline Color Drama Light It Up
The Body Shop Color Crush 18
Gosh Dangerous
Kicks Lip Balm

Lip products have been with rouges, my favorite makeup to apply and shop. Some of my newest lip products have quickly ended up in my favorite bunch. The first is a soft red color from The Body Shop. The other is a lip balm from Kicks. The lip balm is the best I've tried for a long, long time! It's a rich, tinted lip balm with a hint of color. It really heals my lips within a day. 

The Gosh lipstick has been my favorite red and still is. I can not describe how good it is. My only negative remark would be about its staying power. My other products are Maybelline Color Drama pencils. One in a soft, nude, shimmery pink. The other in a bold red. I find the shade Light It Up (the red) easier to apply since it's softer. The other is a little tricky, but the color is so nice. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

My Favorite Tea

I'm addicted to tea and  have been for a long time. I love trying new blends and discovering new brands. Lately I've been loving Joe's Tea Co Minted-Up Fruit.
It has a comfortable, balanced taste between the mint  and fruit. Usually I feel mint tea has a strong bitter taste. 

This tea has a calming effect and is perfect as a bed time drink. I think I'm gonna make it a ritual drinking this with a novel to read before falling asleep. 

What about you. Are you a tea lover? :)
What is your favorite?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Frosty Winter

I visited The Botanical Garden today. It is cold outside and most of the snow has gone or turned to a thin, crispy layer of ice which you can't step on. I've enjoyed taking some photos outdoors and indoors.
It's been a while since I've gone for a walk in nature surroundings. It is quite refreshing, and a reminder of something I need to do more. 

Entering one of the plant houses my camera lens turned foggy which created some cool opportunities for photo. In the picture below you see the same area :) It is really cool that plants can look like this.
And that we get to see them in places like this :) This place has really been one of my favorite places for recreation. I love The Botanical Garden. 

 Some outdoors photos. The sun is going down.

I think the blue in this photo best describes chilly winters. Most of my other winter images have been taken during times with lots of snow and a softer daylight appearance. I like the color contrast of the warm toned flower and the cold, ice background. 

Do you like being outdoors photographing? 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter Images

 I hope we soon have more snow in Oslo like this.  These two images are my favorite winter themed ones in my files. They are a couple years old, and this year I've been wanting to take some new, cool  photos. Today I planned to go out with my camera seeing if I could capture some good photos in this weather (half way snow and lots of ice). I was prevented, but hopefully next time, we already have more snow. Then I get more inspired to find some opportunities. But I will go out anyway bringing my camera =) I've become really found of photography. Especially last year I got more joy of it.

Do you like winter images? :) Or images from other seasons?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Favorite Soap & Glory Products

There are a couple makeup products that have become favorites in my makeup routine lately. The Soap & Glory Solar Powder, which gives a really nice, soft glow and a rouge. Love at First Blush. I love the pink, pearly look. Both of these products have a nice shimmer. I love the packaging on these products. The Solar Powder has a practical magnetic lock and both products comes with a mirror.

 Over to skincare. I've been wearing this facial cream non stop. And the body butter too. Just emptied is the Beauty Sleep Accelerator cream. The scent of these products are amazing. They moist good and give a nice glow. The design of these products are quite cool. I look forward to try more products from this brand. 

Desk Update. New Stationery and Decoration

Every now and then it is nice to do some changes in decorating. My desk has usually been filled up with books and things and it was time to put everything away and decorate. It becomes more inspirational. The way it looks now, makes me want to sit down for quite some time working and coming back, working more :) This is how it looks now. And I'll add some pictures of my newest items too:)

   Two new notebooks. Both from Go Stationery.
Some other things I've bought for decoration. A lip balm from Kicks, a nice box from The Artwork    and some tea. This from Joe's Tea Company. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Makeup Shopping

Yesterday I spent a nice day out with a cup tea and shopping. I found some gemstones. Lately I've discovered The Body Shop makeup products. And yesterday I bought an eyeshadow palette and a lipstick. So far my favorite product is the eyeshadow palette. It has some really nice colors. They are quite versatile with my other makeup products. The lipstick has a lovely red, transparent color with a hint of pink and orange. It moist well which is a bonus. I look forward to try the nail polishes. I picked them up with the lip balm at H & M. The latter I'm quite happy about and I love the design. As with the eyeshadow palette. It looks stunning! :) I love design pieces.

Monday, January 12, 2015

One for the Stories

 One of my favorite things to shop is notebooks. In the stores there are an endless amount of different notebooks to choose from. And I came across two new in different sizes. I posted an image of the other in a blog post below. I use the smaller one when traveling. This one is for my stories, whereas the other is for notes, diary writing and blog post ideas. I've had a hobby for writing short stories and it's time to get started anew :) When I took time to write, I usually wrote crime stories. This book will soon contain some stories. Often I've been writing on computer or in a random notebook. It's nice to have them all organized. And this notebook looks pretty :) I look forward to take up the writing again!

Do you favor notebooks? :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekend Activities

It's Saturday and I've enjoyed a cup of tea and a sandwich at the cafe. I usually always go to a cafe during a weekend. And I never go anywhere without a book. And something to write on. A weekend and the rest of the week are not to different to me. Since I'm not working I'm not really noticing a separate difference. I enjoy to read, write, photograph, listen to music and go for walks. Lately I've been shopping. I hope to blog more during weekends. I associate weekends with art. And I want to do more of it. A good book is always a favorite and then it's the practical stuff. Soon I'll upload a post about my desk update. Making an inspiring work place is essential for comfort during works/hobby activities. 

What do you do weekends? :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Latest Beauty Treat

Soap & Glory have so many lovely products. I can not get enough. Today I was looking for a body lotion and came across this. It smells amazing. Really sweet scent without being to much. The consistency is good. And it seems to moist good. My skin feels a lot softer.
 I love the packaging, the size and the price is okay. It feels like a unique product! And one to stay. For quite some time.

Rouge Loves

Rouge have really been my favorite makeup to apply lately. I've collected new colors and fallen back in love with one or two old ones. There are so many color nuances to choose from in an endless variety of brands. I'm favoring pink and orange ones. 

My absolute favorite lately is a stunning color blend from Soap & Glory. I love these pink nuances combined with the highlighter. It looks really pearly and natural.

 The orange ones.

The Body Shop Macaroon and Maybelline's Medium Rose rouge.

 One lovely from Gosh. Bronze Pie.
 And this one from H & M.

What are your makeup favorites :)