Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Sunday Trip to The Opera House

Me and Maiken at the cafe. Notice the design of the area around us :)

Today I and my friend Maiken and her boyfriend, Kristoffer decided to visit The Opera House for a guided tour. It was cool to see the back stage areas, costumes and sketches and see the grandest performance room. For around 50 minutes we saw many places in the Opera House and some artists rehearsing. Personally I enjoyed the most to hear about the design and material chosen for the place. The philosophy behind it. And see the costume work room with all its material, big windows, sketches and wonderful costumes along the walls. We passed two musicians in rehearsal for their concert and I and Maiken dreamed of listening to their music performance. After a good 50 minutes we went to the cafe and the shop for some relaxing and inspiration. Unfortunally I forgot my camera this time. But Maiken took pictures from our visit ;) And below are some of my own from a visit last winter.

The first picture is showing an art piece on water. And this one shows The Opera House in Oslo. 


  1. It looks so lovely! Great post.
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