Monday, January 26, 2015

Notebook Love

I just got this lovely notebook. It's a birthday present :) I love the simple layout and the pictures. Generally I got a love for photography! And some of these look magical! So now I got a new one to add to my collection :) This one will be for special writings. Or to note down something on a special day. Maybe poems will end up here. It's been a while since I wrote poems and stories.  I bought a huge, green floral notebook to write down my crime stories. Once I get into it, it's wonderful. I wanna write some new stories, improve my others and finish the half made ones. About the diary again. One of the things I like about the pictures is the inspiration it gives me to photograph more. For a long time my favorite images would be the ones of landscape and flowers.

I tend to write quite a lot. But I like the empty, scrapbook looking pages. They are perfect for shorter texts, drawings and images.

                                              How does your favorite notebook look like?

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