Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dusty Rose Makeup

Dusty rose colours look so gorgeous, nostalgic and enigmatic. Vibrant colours with a nuance of white, brown, grey in them look super pretty as long as they look natural someway. A matte, soft dusty pink is my favourite colour for blush. I love mixing cream blushes or blush powders on my cheeks. When I wear pink on lips and eyes I prefer the similar dusty nuances but slightly warmer or shinier.

Makeup I've been loving the last year of pink colours below! There's something surprising poppy with some of these colours and surprisingly pretty with others in their dark dusty nuance. My top favourite of these is the Smashbox Prism Lights highlight blush. This is so intense pretty and calming to look at. It does not look natural but still very gorgeous! In the other end is my The Body Shop blush which I also wore a lot daily for a while. The latter is more rose coloured and the first more candy like. Both pretty for everyday wear.

Monday, September 26, 2016

September Photo Diary

I know September is not over yet. Actually the month has felt like one long day. I've never felt one month being like this. But Sunny Augsut felt long so I'm okay with summer turning into autumn now. September has been a warm month. I've felt like reading. Visiting museums and galleries. I had the opportunity to check out many at the culture night in the city. It was fun! I met an old friend of mine at the Opera House. That building is the prettiest ever! And the cafe is a nice area to relax and enjoy some snack alone or with friends! Today I visisted one of my uncles. We went for a walk and eat dinner. He and his kids have the prettiest piano ever! See photo! :) White pianos look magical!
In September I've went for many walks. Done yoga and I began ballet. I found the comfiest ballet shoes ever. I've also written a lot. I believe short stories are my thing :) :) Up soon on the blog: new beauty posts :) I hope you've had a nice September month!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Affordable Strobing Makeup for a Natural Look

I like dewy makeup and for autumn focusing on highlighting sounds perfect. The first highlighter I fell in love with were this Java Rice Powder from Bourjois. It is so easy to create a more brightening makeup with this. And it is not pricy. After seeing the cute round Box on many blogs I got tempted to try this out and it is my most worn highligter. It is very light and at the same time pigmented giving a transparant shine. It gives the skin a slightly porcelain look.

Cream contour has not felt appealing to me but this one from Maybelline won me over. The light shade is perfect for a good natural look! Also there is something about this light shade that seems kind of porcelain like. Again in a good way. It has a super easy consistency  and is great for a touch up. If I don't wear foundatin I like to wear this with concealer for a comfortable bright base.

I have a few more affordable goodies here to use for strobing. Makeup Mekka have many interesting shades and textures in their makeup and this trio of cream shades is pretty for more intense bits of highlighting. Yet it is subtle and elegant for everyday wear. Gradually I might fall in love with more intense highlighters too and show them here. Now these are pretty good if you ask me to create a light and brightening look for pale skinned girls. Champagne colours are said to be best for fair skin tones. I hope you like this look!

Bourjois Java Rice Powder. Makeup Mekka Trio Cream Highligheter Showtime. Maybelline Master Contour in shade 01 Light using the light colour.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Casual Autumn Makeup

In todays post I've selected makeup for a casual autumn look. With a focus on matte golden base and a warm red blush I feel this can't be wrong! There are so many things I like about the makeup.  The Isadora foundation says it gives medium coverage but I would say it is a full coverage foundation. It's got spf and feels like a protective barrier on my skin during cold temperature. I love the shade 02 sand for the subtle gold nuance and the layers of warm matte finish. For concealer I'm using a Maybelline Fit Me concealer to cover up any darkness. This one is my favourite. It gives a flawless finish with a natural look. It is a good match for all my foundations all year round:)

For eyes I'm keeping it simple with a super black mascara and a soft beige eyeliner. I like much the heavy lash look and how it opens up the eyes.

On cheeks I've went for a red baked blush to create warmth. Fashionista from Kicks. It's a pop of fresh colour. And for details I've focused on a nude eyeliner to create subtle definition. The cold nuance is super pretty for pale skinned girls! So is the foundation and concealer. All of the products are comfortable on, easy to build up and look luxurious on the skin. They are well pigmented and got a comfortable glow that looks pretty in autumn!

Isadora Wake Up make-up Foundation in shade 02 Sand
Maybelline Fit Me concealer shade 15
Isadora Inliner Kajal 56 Blonde
Isadora Buil-Up Mascara 01 Super Black
L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper eye brow colour
Kicks Baked Blusher in shade Fashionista

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Oslo Culture Night

What did you do this Friday? I after having a nice visit, going to a cafe and read a little went to see art exhibitions. And light and shadow play on the Opera House roof. All of it was cool. I began with watching paintings in soft and vibrant colours. Some were so pretty I did not want to go from the gallery. All the paintings were abstract art quite similar in style and size.

Later I went to see photos of forests in pretty lights and colours. In the evening I went to The Munch Museum. After ten minutes I had seen everything there. I continued to the Opera House roof where they held a light and shadow play for hours.

I was tired but in a good, inspired mood after the day. If I had more energy I would go to more activities. :) Maybe cinema. And yoga and listen to some authors talk about their new book.

The acivities with many more were free ones in the Oslo Culture Night program.
The great selection of activities were the best about everything. :) This event is held each autumn beginning before lunch and ending sometime during the night. Last year it was few activities but this year like the one before were packed with activities!

There were dance and theatre performances. Guided tours in buildings and outdoor areas. Outdoor and indoor cinema. Lots of art exhibitions, concerts and many other things like yoga and martial art classes!

I would like to push a repeat button experiencing Friday once more :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Todays Makeup. Autumnal Pink

Pink blushes layered on top of each other is my favourite makeup now. Today I've mixed three from the Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette by Makeup Revolution. They look so pretty in the sun with their pearly pink and white shimmer. In some lights they also look peach. There is a deep warmth in the colours I like very well. The pink lipstick is more cold and dark matte. It is one of my all time favourites from Mac (shade Please Me) and a pretty transitional lipstick now. I like the subtle hint of plum colour in it. I've kept things simple otherwise with a natural looking base and barely there eyeshadow.

This will be a look I'll turn to through September. When it still feels summery and I can still wear summer clothes.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Reading Now. Franz Kafka Stories

Franz Kafka is one of my favourite authors. His writing is so determined and strange. Fascinating and fun to read!  They seem easy written. They have a high level of quality. The author writes a lot about stress and chaos. All the characters get some kind of powerful description by the protagonist but little focus in general. The problem the main character get come in an endless form! Anxiety is portrayed carefully and always in the stories so elegant.

 I rerecently bought a collection of stories he published. I really like them. I'm waiting for a bok of his called America to arrive at my library. I read The Castle last year and forgot about time while reading. I'm getting more and more found now of these stories. Most are short only in half a page or one :) There is one longer story called In the Penal Colony. My current favourite story is The Bridge. I never thought reading something as uncomfortable as In the Penal Colony could be interesting but the story is! Kafka does not explain things much in any of his fiction writings.Yet I like the reading!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rejuvenating Beauty Medley

I love beauty products that keep a focus on well being. Comfort is essential in skin care. In this post
I share some of my favourite picks! First is my newest buy. This facial mist with lavender from Tromborg. It is so comfortable and a refreshing pick me up product! It feels mild and leaves a healthy glow on my skin! Lavender is known to be calming and the scent is mild and soothing. I think this will be a long time favourite of mine. By the way the design is pretty :) If you want to try a luxury facial mist you should try this! There are two other ones too with refreshing scent!

Ever since I found the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm I've been wearing it daily on my face. It gives good  moisture and smoothen the skin making it look awake and more healthy. It can be used on its own or combined with other facial creams. For tired skin I feel this is a must have! I like the formula and soft scent. My makeup looks prettier wearing this. Also I like using it on my hands. The balm is for all skin types. It's a little expensive but worth the treat!

When entering a Lush store the colours and selection can be a little overwhelming. There are so many delights. I always own a facial mask from this brand and they make my skin look really refreshed. I've tried a couple body scrubs too. This one feels refreshing, comfortable and uplifting on my mood and skin. My skin looks glowy and is kept soft using the scrub and the skin gets a lot of moisture too.

What do you think of these products?

Monday, September 5, 2016

A New Makeup Favourite

I went shopping recently looking at makeup and skin care treats. I decided to buy my first cream
contour makeup. A makeup stick with a dark and light shade in one. What I love about this is the natural colours and an easy finish to apply! The problem with some conotur shades is the more dusty nuance in them. I picked the light colour stick of two shades. Maybelline Master Contour 01 Light. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the light colour looking also like a highlighter on the skin. The dark colour reminds me of the one in Soap & Glory's Solar Powder. The benefit of this creamy stick is that the light colour looks silky and the dark natural matte. Unless your skin is dry applying this product should be easy!  I can imagine highlighters in cream and powder would look beautiful with this light cream shade. I was not into the idea of buying a big palette of contour shades as it is expensive and I don't feel I need many colours. The quality is good and it is long lasting (two years). There was a darker nuance too. And pretty cream stick highligters I would love to try as well!

Do you like cream contour makeup?

Friday, September 2, 2016

August Beauty Favourites

I've had one blush favourite this month. A beautiful pink blush from YSL. The colour is dusty and kind of pearl pink with a matte finish. In the middle is a softer colour for highlighting. Sometimes I like swiping this on my eyelids for a warmer look. The finish is so gorgeous. The colour has a warmth which is surprising. The blush comes with a mirror and brush and look so flawless on the skin. This is a must have for me!

Again as always I have my nude eyeliner favourite from Kicks. It is a comfortable and interesting colour. It always looks brightening! And the finish reminds me of a high end eyeliner.

I adore this deep purple nail polish from Essie. I bought it last year but began using it this summer. I've never liked purple in makeup much. This is so wearable and elegant! The Essie bottles are cute too :)  I like how this finish and colour looks like velvet!


YSL Heart of Light Powder Blush shade 2
Kicks Eye Brightener
Essie Sole Mate nail polish