Saturday, September 17, 2016

Oslo Culture Night

What did you do this Friday? I after having a nice visit, going to a cafe and read a little went to see art exhibitions. And light and shadow play on the Opera House roof. All of it was cool. I began with watching paintings in soft and vibrant colours. Some were so pretty I did not want to go from the gallery. All the paintings were abstract art quite similar in style and size.

Later I went to see photos of forests in pretty lights and colours. In the evening I went to The Munch Museum. After ten minutes I had seen everything there. I continued to the Opera House roof where they held a light and shadow play for hours.

I was tired but in a good, inspired mood after the day. If I had more energy I would go to more activities. :) Maybe cinema. And yoga and listen to some authors talk about their new book.

The acivities with many more were free ones in the Oslo Culture Night program.
The great selection of activities were the best about everything. :) This event is held each autumn beginning before lunch and ending sometime during the night. Last year it was few activities but this year like the one before were packed with activities!

There were dance and theatre performances. Guided tours in buildings and outdoor areas. Outdoor and indoor cinema. Lots of art exhibitions, concerts and many other things like yoga and martial art classes!

I would like to push a repeat button experiencing Friday once more :)

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