Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Blogging Break

Blogging lately have been fun, gradually though I've felt for a break, chancing some focus. It wouldn't be a long break :) I love blogging to much for that! And more then before I try focusing on creativity through hobbies. New and old. I believe some of my tiredness has a reason in my too addicted computer time. I expect a short break from here :) 

Do you have inspirational tips for the blogging prosess?

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Meeting With an Old Friend

This time was the second I've met Helene this year! The last time we met at my place and this time a place where we both have celebrated Christmas. Weather was a little chilly but nice for a walk! The prettiest part of our walk was the last part when we went by the sea.

After our walk in Molde town we went to a restaurant where our walk ended. Helene bought raspberry sorbet and I went for a dinner. An old favorite dinner. :) Helenes raspberry sorbet looked pretty good too! 

Helene is staying for some time while I end my visit tomorrow heading back to Oslo. Tomorrow I might get some time for a little shopping here. I said to Helene that sometimes I like Molde town better then Ă…lesund.

We stopped by the water to take some pictures. Here are more of my photos from our meeting.

The restaurant we visited :)

We took some time studying a couple nice windows. This one with all colourful, pretty lamps on the other side of the restaurant. Helene favoured a window with a Christmas decorated cake and gorgeous, colourful toy. I think the window was indeed a little magical!

I'm glad we met early in the day so we got nice photos outside. It get's quickly dark. 

At the restaurant we were the only once for a while. Then after some time people started coming. But the atmosphere was good! :) I wish I had a photo of that window by the way :) 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Drawings This Year

 I've had a fun time drawing a lot this year. Sometime around spring I started with this hobby again after years just forgetting it. During school I would sometimes draw regularly. Clothes mainly. This year I've used a lot of color pencils, sometimes dry pastel pencils and oil pastel. And loved all of the drawings things. One thing I have not yet tried so much is wax colors you paint on with water. It looks interesting so I bought a few. Gold and deep red among the colors.

Have you spent time drawing this year? :)

As many pictures I have posted show, I focus a lot on subtle colors, few colors, and often flowers are the main dominant item in the drawings! During summer I drew a lot! 

For upcoming year what hobbies will you prefer? :) I think I will focus on this among others. 
And give away some and see what I will do with others.  :)

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Stuff

I expected the weather to be warmer at the place I'm for Christmas. But it's actually been quite cold. Arriving yesterday evening I went out for two walks today and went to shops I've visited. So guess what I picked? :) A couple new beauty products. And yesterday I found two gems at the airport from the beauty section. A facial mask I've seen and a new Mac lipstick. Clinique has been a brand I've never been curious to try much of. But I immediately went for a cream eyeshadow when I saw this one.  It looks like the most versatile shade and I love those ones :) I did not think about bringing my camera with me but the weather was cloudy anyway. So instead I took some photos inside.

Some of my favorite products at the moment. 

I began my day with reading. Where I'm staying there are so many books. It was an old classic in two parts with quite a lot of pages but that's okay. So far I quite like it. Later I read in Anna Karenina and it is always fun to read in this. :) Maybe it is the atmosphere and simplicity. 

The book store did not have anything interesting but I have lots to read. Nor did I find any drawing stuff there, but it's okay :) I made some drawings earlier in the day. I usually focus on drawing with  colouring pencils, using few colors, sometimes just one :) And I often seem to draw the same shapes.

I've had a little chat with one of my friends on the phone helping me with a favour. And then I've played a computer game I just recently downloaded. As I said earlier, I have not tried one in years! :) It is quite a lot of fun. I got the idea from one of my friends. She plays one similar when she have time.

So about the new products I'll write a blog post soon showing them. I find the facial mask and new lipstick interesting picks.  :) The Mac shade is called Hue and remind me of one of my favourites, Pure Zen. This is more orange and have no hints of other colors, but kind of a undertone there with gold which look lovely.

Now I've just eaten my last meal and think I will turn to the computer game or one of the novels.

What have you done this Monday? 

Products I Would Not be Without

One of my favorite products is this spray with gold sparkle. I can't remember noticing such a product. But I absolutely love this :) I wrote about it in a post recently. It is such a nice complementary piece in a makeup collection. And one that will last for long. One thing I like about beauty products is nice packaging. And these products here I find quite nice. More then before I've focused more on base products and finding fragrances I like. It's been quite easy and I would not skip these products. Though I don't always turn to the sparkle stuff for everyday makeup. It is subtle though with a spot on pigmentation. Some products I just don't know how to describe. They are all kinds of gorgeous! :) Makeup brushes are a basic tool I need everyday. Especially for base product like foundation and bb cream. This little brush above is the best I own for eyeshadows and sometimes it works nice to even out concealer under the eyes and it is great for both cream shadows and dry ones. Another thing I like about good brushes is that product don't get stuck for next application. Real Techniques brushes have impressed me and I can't wait to own more then the three in the set I have. The brush for rouges is maybe also one of the best I've tried. Next to my favorite rouge and highlight brush from Gosh :)

Thursday, December 17, 2015


I did not go on any long trip like yesterday to and by a beautiful lake. I woke up too fatigued. But I managed to go a small walk buying food. I got up early and started putting some clothes into my closet and put towels for drying that I forgot to do the evening before. Today I've written a nice continuing part on my long story/book. It's been fun writing! Maybe that has been the best part of the day. It's not five yet, feeling like seven. 

I've just taken some photos for upcoming blogposts. Or one. I did not like the others I took. I have been thinking about what to pack for my holiday and how much. On the makeup and beauty side I have some definite picks and favourites :) I've written two blogposts today that I've published. One about peaceful reflection at a personal level. The other is about a perfume I've just purchased :) And I absolutely love that. 

Yesterday two old ladies were waiting outside in the freezing cold for 45 minutes on the bus and the mall is just 5 meters away :) Guess where I went. That's when I found this beautiful perfume :) I was looking for the green bottle version. I think it has the same name. Anyway I did not hesitate picking this up :) As it was just so gorgeous!

It has been totally grey outside with some new snow. Which made my makeup look ghostlike at first.
Luckily it was a little bit warmer outside today I think, wearing all wool anyway :) 

I just bought a computer game and will check it out. I have not played one for several years. Actually I can not remember the last time I did!

Then later I will write more on my story :) And do a little cleaning and reading. Now I'm focusing on a book by Agatha Christie called The Labours of Hercules. It is quite alright. But I was a little disappointed about the movie being based on one of the shorter stories there thinking the book would be all about and like the movie ( newest and maybe only? version). :)

Scent of Something Pearly

YSL Parisienne
Eau de Parfum

It is only a few times a year or less that I purchase a new fragrance. This year I've collected some more and have a nice collection. My latest here is my absolute favourite at the moment. Just the design is incredibly nice. And the outer packaging is cool with a funky color. I'll keep this to protect my fragrance bottle when traveling. I am not so good at talking about fragrances. This is such a dreamy, floral, candy, pearly scented bottle of perfect scent. It has something pearly to it and I can imagine it would be perfect to wear at a wedding or summery parties. Like in summer or a summery  place another time of the year :) Now I'm not going to a wedding but I think this is the perfect fragrance all year round since it is subtle and fresh. Floral does maybe not sound fresh but this is in my opinion :) It reminds me also about traveling. And things you see. Like pearls. Sunny weather in a season change when wind stirs up all kinds of nice scents. It is feminine but not too intense. Sweet but also there's a hint of a darker scent like in YSL Black Opium. I think that is an interesting pick but for now a little heavy scented alone for my liking. Thus with the hint of something alike in this, it is perfect!

What do you think of the bottle? :) Pretty isn't it. And the fragrance :) 

Still Reflections


I like thinking about this scripture verse since I find it so pretty.

This drawing is inspired by it.

Isaiah 48

Verse 18

"If only you had paid attention to my commands,
    your peace would have been like a river,
    your well-being like the waves of the sea."

Pretty isn't it.

I makes me think of all the other scripture verses that I don't think of. Like a friend of mine said. We tend to only listen to the ones we think sound good at the moment.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


We are the ones Who Endure

I sometimes went to church. With friends listening to a preach then doing something else afterwards. Thinking back I find so many repetitive actions that I think seem odd and is not good. I noticed them then, but not as much because soon I would disappear or not listen with curiosity. 

Coming to a church for the first time you want to hear something that is said to you not only the believers connected to the church. Why do some always repeat that pattern of only speaking to the church. It’s sometimes like coming to school after you’ve been away and have to catch up and teacher goes on about the new things. I used to go regularly at church. Sometimes once a week for at least a year. Some places I felt at home but many places I gradually didn’t mainly because of this exclusiveness to the already Christians there. Maybe it is ambition. Money you have collected that people talk about in other countries. They do it that way and a new church has begun. And they might do the same pattern and it feels natural. Beginning at scratch must be scary but why continue for the ones that have been there a long time. I generally feel this many places I’ve been around. Churches. Christian communities. It is for a certain type. You might be seen difficult if you feel uncomfortable or maybe you’re just not ready for what is being preached. If you go there with a friend who’s been around then he/ she can update you on the process but that does not mean you one day will feel included. Maybe some. Others little. Going in step means a lot of activity, opportunities, fellowship for communities. But they must include the new once. Otherwise some churches see only new family members, relatives and husband/wife of them connecting to the church.

Christmas Collection Makeup Tip

The Body Shop have one of the most gorgeous makeup pieces I've spotted for Collection makeup. It even smells nice! Like subtle, comfy vanilla with a hint of vintage something. This is an all over powder you spray on. Even the design is pretty :) Now the gold shimmer is the prettiest I've seen. As a great highlighter over cheek bones I love adding this random places to my face. Because it is not so intense. It is quite soft with good pigmentation and does not feel uncomfortable. Once a little trained in handling it I would go with setting product. It doesn't always stay on for long. If you have a girl friend that loves makeup this might be the gift  :) I think not only product but design is so unique definitely worth checking:) There are two colors. One white shimmery and this, in gold. Before Christmas I think I might add the white. I'm a huge fan of Bourjois Java Rice power. So I'm hoping this will not be a buy regretted.  :) For now the gold shimmer is my favourite product, maybe even of the year. :)

The Body Shop 
The Sparkler in Golden Glimmer

Eyeshadow Palette. The Perfect Ten

 This beautiful palette went with me home today. Inside are then different shimmery colors mainly in browns. It's from a brand called Soap & Glory which I find quite interesting :) Overseas I found that stores had more from this brand so I hoped more makeup would be in ours soon. It's a beautifully designed piece with creamy texture shadows following with a brush and mirror. One thing I liked immediately were the color options. Some palettes have many similar shades that look just like the other. But the same effect can easily be made with this :) I've tried two quite lovely colors. The softest in the palette and they look gorgeous.  High end brands in my opinion struggle a little with eyeshadow texture and pigmentation but this does't disappoint now. I think my favourites will be Moon Mist, Minky (both to the left), Copper and Damsel. Purple to me is a little tricky to like and get right. I used to love it. For such a long time I've worn only one color or two on my eyes. It will be fun experimenting with more. Today I'm also wearing a Christmas eyeshadow from Dior in cream gold which I love. :)

What eyeshadows palettes do you like? :) 
 Would you try this palette?

Soap & Glory The Perfect Ten 
Eyeshadow palette