Saturday, December 12, 2015


We are the ones Who Endure

I sometimes went to church. With friends listening to a preach then doing something else afterwards. Thinking back I find so many repetitive actions that I think seem odd and is not good. I noticed them then, but not as much because soon I would disappear or not listen with curiosity. 

Coming to a church for the first time you want to hear something that is said to you not only the believers connected to the church. Why do some always repeat that pattern of only speaking to the church. It’s sometimes like coming to school after you’ve been away and have to catch up and teacher goes on about the new things. I used to go regularly at church. Sometimes once a week for at least a year. Some places I felt at home but many places I gradually didn’t mainly because of this exclusiveness to the already Christians there. Maybe it is ambition. Money you have collected that people talk about in other countries. They do it that way and a new church has begun. And they might do the same pattern and it feels natural. Beginning at scratch must be scary but why continue for the ones that have been there a long time. I generally feel this many places I’ve been around. Churches. Christian communities. It is for a certain type. You might be seen difficult if you feel uncomfortable or maybe you’re just not ready for what is being preached. If you go there with a friend who’s been around then he/ she can update you on the process but that does not mean you one day will feel included. Maybe some. Others little. Going in step means a lot of activity, opportunities, fellowship for communities. But they must include the new once. Otherwise some churches see only new family members, relatives and husband/wife of them connecting to the church.

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