Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Collection Makeup Tip

The Body Shop have one of the most gorgeous makeup pieces I've spotted for Collection makeup. It even smells nice! Like subtle, comfy vanilla with a hint of vintage something. This is an all over powder you spray on. Even the design is pretty :) Now the gold shimmer is the prettiest I've seen. As a great highlighter over cheek bones I love adding this random places to my face. Because it is not so intense. It is quite soft with good pigmentation and does not feel uncomfortable. Once a little trained in handling it I would go with setting product. It doesn't always stay on for long. If you have a girl friend that loves makeup this might be the gift  :) I think not only product but design is so unique definitely worth checking:) There are two colors. One white shimmery and this, in gold. Before Christmas I think I might add the white. I'm a huge fan of Bourjois Java Rice power. So I'm hoping this will not be a buy regretted.  :) For now the gold shimmer is my favourite product, maybe even of the year. :)

The Body Shop 
The Sparkler in Golden Glimmer

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