Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Touch of Pink and Red. Todays Makeup

I've been loving my YSL bb cream as a base product for a long time. It is better for the skin then foundations. I like using this to emphasise subtle colors because it attaches so well to the skin with good and even coverage. The finish always looks good. And it is easy to work with staying on the skin for a long time. Red and pink are my color combination with some champagne on the eyes. I would usually not think of combining these two colors. Forgive me the intense light in the photo. Today it was tricky. This makeup I could wear daily because it is subtle, warm and creamy. Before I got into makeup again in my twenties I've always considered red colors as too intense. I've been inspired to mix more colors after reading beauty blogs seeing that it can look good, also with pale skin tones, wearing a red or mixes of poppy colors. I think I'm starting to favour this lip combo now which is a mix of Mac Rosy Rim lip pencil and Jan Thomas Paris Chic lipstick. The pink lipstick is slightly lighter then the lipliner. And a creamy one just as comfortable as Mac lipsticks on. 

Then I blended a creamy pink blush from Kicks, Sheer Cheek Stick Wedding Flower with a dark red powder blush and the result I feel looks quite nice. For cloudy days and towards night I would add more of the Frankly Scarlett Powder Blush from Mac on the top of my cheekbones. I don't know what it is about this color but it makes me feel so cozy and warm. It's like a cold deep red and it looks good in summer. 

Summer Beauty Must Haves

There are some beauty products I look for each summer to make me feel more awake and comfortable. Some products I think every girl would like to have in her beauty collection. I selected these since they are versatile and handy to pop in a bag. My first pick is a peach powder blush. This color look good on light and tanned skin. It warms up complexion giving a healthy visible glow and pop of color. Mac Spellbinder is my top favourite peach blush. It is extra soft with a nice pigmentation and easy build able. 

When it comes to soft colors with good pigmentation I also like lipliners with a slightly creamy formula. These don't dry the lips so easy. They are a nice basic tool and can be worn on its own. I would recommend something with color on the lips during summer! A top brightening pick for eyes is a nude eyeliner. There are so many delicate nuances so make sure you find the perfect one for you. Nude eyeliners can look beautiful with a pale skin complexion. I'm always quite pale and have found a must have nude eyeliner from Kicks. It is creamy and balanced warm and cold looking like one color. And not to intense. If you want a full face makeup look or just a little this is a beautiful product!

I think I have found the perfect facial cream for summer. One that gives that extra portion of moist and comfort! And is suitable for every skin type. I picked up Soap & Glory Speed Plump facial cream last year and my skin always loves this product. It is perfect to put on before makeup and during the day. And smells refreshing.

Toni & Guy has one of the few summery hair sprays I've felt tempted trying. This one is comfortable on and gives a nice textured hold. It's a sea salt hair spray and one of my personal favourite hair care product in general. It is both subtle and intense which I struggle finding both of in a hair spray. That's why I like it. And it can be combined with other hair sprays. The scent it mild. And the hair spray last for a long time. So a travel size is pretty perfect!

A non cosmetic beauty must have is a simple delicate bracelet. Having something sparkly that rests on the arm looks beautiful and can be easily styled. I prefer something with details but not too much  in a bracelet. I'm in love with this one from Bud to Rose. A soft sparkly gold coloured bracelet with tiny white see through stones on. I could wear it daily!

Monday, May 30, 2016

May Favourite Things

This month seems to have gone by pretty fast. I've enjoyed May. The summery weather outside, green fields, books, music and so on. It's been a calming month to me. One where I've found more time to plan months ahead with new inspiration. I hope the summer too will feel uplifting like this. I now desire inspiration for writing, exercising, photography and time focusing on art. Some of my favourite things in May have been:

Television Show: Sherlock

Movies: Kung Fu Killer

Book: The Trial by Franz Kafka 

Magazine: Psychology Today

Exercise: Yoga

Food: Cupcakes and ice cream

Blogs: Beauty blogs

Walks: In nature

Art making: Drawing

Writing: Letters

Makeup: Mac cosmetics and The Balm

What have you enjoyed in May? 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Things to do This Weekend

Have you planned your weekend? :)

 It's Friday and evening here when I write this blog post. I like reading posts like this but don't come across them too often or write them myself.  I hope to be doing three of the activities mentioned below. I want to bake something tasty, watch movies and experiment with makeup. Then I'm longing for some new crime radio theatres to listen at. Recently I found this activity to be good. Not boring but calming, fun and interesting. I've taken a look at top 100 recommended lists of novels to read and got some inspiration for my next readings. If you have some recommendations please let me know. I never really go tired of this hobby! 

Weekend tips:

- Experiment with makeup 

- Decide on five books you want to read this year and begin reading! :)

- Listen to a radio theatre or go to a theatre performance

- Watch old and new movies with friends

- Bake something 

 Tasty cupcakes <3

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday Walking and a Dose of Art

Today I visited a museum in Oslo showing contemporary art. The National Museum of Contemporary Art. I have been here maybe five times, one time not so long ago seeing the same things as today and more :) This time I remembered my camera. I find the art of the doll head so interesting and fun to look at. And maybe the most interesting art. This art is made by a Norwegian woman called Marianne Heske. I knew about her art before visiting the museum since I saw one exhibition of her close to where I grew up. And it really fascinated me :)  The coolest thing was the giant ball on the big floor. I kind of wished for one myself. But what would I do with it? :) The ball created a sense of wonder and harmony. And the lightening and big room made it prettier. It's a piece by Inghild Karlsen called Breathing Balloon. It's made of wool and transparent plastic. It is pretty big in size and is definitely eye catching!

I enjoyed having a closer look at different posters, pictures and images. From the Silent Revolt exhibition I remember most the doll head and images of land art. Like the image from Bård Breivik called Level(Snowballs) which shows land art in Norway in 1970. 

 This exhibition is called"Silent Revolt" and features Norwegian Process Art and Conceptual Art in the 1970s and 80s. 

Conceptual art was not a popularity when it appeared in Norway. It was overlooked in the media. And caused heated debate or indifference. One journalist called it in a headline  "Debris that is called art". Some sticked to this art form and other artists turned to more traditional art forms. 

I found the art interesting and was surprised to learn that many of the pieces was on display for the first time now for a large audience. I would not mind coming back a third time. Then I would bring someone with me.

Before I went to the museum I went for a walk in the city. It was a nice temperature and many people were out walking and relaxing at cafes. I did some window shopping and found my way to the museum after skipping a cafe visit. I'll have my tea now. 


Friday, May 20, 2016

My Top Ten Makeup Products

A mix of my top ten makeup favourites in random order :)

Bourjois Java Rice Powder

Kicks Eye Brightener Eyeliner

The Balm How 'Bout Them Apples? Cheek & Lip Cream Palette

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color PK 224

Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow 115

Mac Please Me lipstick

Mac Hue lipstick

YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation Beige Rose

Soap & Glory Solar Powder

Mac Spellbinder Powder Blush

Mac lipstick swatches. Left: Please Me. Right: Hue.

I don't leave the house without wearing some of these ten makeup products :)
If you have similar ones with great quality let me know :)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wish List

On my wish list now is mainly makeup. I don't seem to get enough of it. There are also some pieces of clothes I want for spring and summer. I can not wait to have a shopping day. I want to buy new makeup and clothes. And books too another time :) Now I've just borrowed a book with Kafka stories. Short stories and books and enjoy reading some of the short stories.

What's on your wish list? Have you tried products on my list below?

Wish List:

Mac Future Mineralize Skinfinish Warm Rose powder

The Balm Cheater Mascara

OPI nail polish in shade Princess Rule

Noisy May top NMMENA in Fusion Coral

River Island Spring Jegging Jeans

Fresh flowers

Lush Bathboms

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Todays Makeup. Pink and red

Today I've created a makeup look with these products focusing on eyeshadows and lipstick.

Mac Sunny Seoul is my only red from the Mac lipsticks. It is quite subtle with a nice sheen of red and a little pink. In this picture it looks very pink. I like the changes of how it looks in different lights. But if you're looking for a one color lipstick don't choose this. I like how it brightens up makeup :) And the finish is pretty. The eyeshadows here have an interesting mix of colors! There's something red, gold and sliver in them. But I would describe them as champagne and pink. The loose pigment attaches good to primer and stays on with a nice pop of color :) This creamy eyeshadow also has a long staying power and does not smudge. I began with the cream eyeshadow and used the loose pink pigment on top. Under my eyes I've used a nude eyeliner to brighten. Then I've used a silky black mascara from Soap & glory and some dark brown color on my brows.

Lately my foundation favourite has been Elf Acne Fighting Foundation. It is a bargain. It gives good coverage, a nice finish and seems to do good to stressed skin over time! It has a hint of warmth, porcelain look and is matte. I love this foundation because it looks good with any makeup.

My other favourite products here are the two eyeshadows and the eyeliner. I like experiment with these ones. And often turn to them.

Do you like these products? Do you have a favourite product here?


Mac Sunny Seoul lipstick, Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in PK224, Inglot Pure Pigment eye shadow nr 115. Elf Acne Fighting Foundation shade Ivory, Maybelline Fit Me concealer shade 15, Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara, Kicks nude eyeliner and L'oréal Brow Artist  Plumper shade  Medium/Dark.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Favourite Ways to Relax

Yoga <3 Drawing <3

Listening to Radio Theatre <3

It has been while since I've written a post like this! I have found relaxing properly difficult so many times. Often a nice book can make it a little better or a walk outdoors! I've just finished Gone with the Wind and that book was magic to read :) I could read for an hour and more a day. Lately I've found some new favourite things to make me relax. Yoga is my top training. Drawing has been funnier now in spring and made me fall in love with it again. Listening to radio is my newest hobby of the three and it is cozy:) I came across a Sherlock Holmes story and then I knew I had to listen more to radio theatres. I like best the radio theatres that has more then one part. Considering entertainment. Crime is my favourite genre. I prefer listening in the evenings before I sleep. Then I get a nice type of calm ready for sleep and a new day! 


When I draw I use a lot of pastels. Oil pastel and dry. The colors to me become easily alive with pastels and it can be done at any time. I often like some elements of nature or a lot! Flowers, grass, animals and trees. Especially last summer I got a lot of inspiration for these kinds of drawings and others when walking in nature! I also like to see other peoples art :) Photos and paintings for instance. It can feel healing. Making and seeing art you like! :) When I can I try visiting museums here in Oslo. 

Two of these hobbies requires no talent. And I like that. When drawing I like focusing on how to make better drawings but sometimes that stresses me. The best times drawing is when I don't think so much. Then I feel rejuvenated :) 

What are your favourite ways to relax? :)