Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Favourite Ways to Relax

Yoga <3 Drawing <3

Listening to Radio Theatre <3

It has been while since I've written a post like this! I have found relaxing properly difficult so many times. Often a nice book can make it a little better or a walk outdoors! I've just finished Gone with the Wind and that book was magic to read :) I could read for an hour and more a day. Lately I've found some new favourite things to make me relax. Yoga is my top training. Drawing has been funnier now in spring and made me fall in love with it again. Listening to radio is my newest hobby of the three and it is cozy:) I came across a Sherlock Holmes story and then I knew I had to listen more to radio theatres. I like best the radio theatres that has more then one part. Considering entertainment. Crime is my favourite genre. I prefer listening in the evenings before I sleep. Then I get a nice type of calm ready for sleep and a new day! 


When I draw I use a lot of pastels. Oil pastel and dry. The colors to me become easily alive with pastels and it can be done at any time. I often like some elements of nature or a lot! Flowers, grass, animals and trees. Especially last summer I got a lot of inspiration for these kinds of drawings and others when walking in nature! I also like to see other peoples art :) Photos and paintings for instance. It can feel healing. Making and seeing art you like! :) When I can I try visiting museums here in Oslo. 

Two of these hobbies requires no talent. And I like that. When drawing I like focusing on how to make better drawings but sometimes that stresses me. The best times drawing is when I don't think so much. Then I feel rejuvenated :) 

What are your favourite ways to relax? :)

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