Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Favourite Photo

I always stop to look at flowers like this. They are so gorgeous, like the grandest flower jet sometimes  one can't see them. Color contrast in this photo are strong and the flowers make a subtle jet strong appearance. I really like the pastel shade. Flowers can have so many interesting contrasts in they're look. This seem fragile jet thick. I also like the intense green. This photo or others on my blog have not been edited so what you see is real color. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Flower Fields and Pink Flowers

I went for a walk to the sea. This time a year there are so many flowers. I love the sight of endless white ones which seem to cover all grass some places. I spotted some pink flowers outside a garden. They look adorable. I like the subtle pink and white. None of these are strong colors but they light up . Especially the flower fields! :) I went to some shops today but my walk here was definitely the best part. Now later, I will finish my flower and leaf drawing and start on a new. I look forward to walk more and longer walks in this area and the area around. I'm so glad I brought my camera :) And I will definitely bring it more often on my walks. 

Not only beautiful flowers. Some of the trees look like the leafs have silver in them. On the two first photos you see several of them where they look more green. Close up, more silver :)

Do you like this landscape? :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Finished Drawing

I wanted to make a drawing with lots of blue. The darkest blue pencil with few other colors. I've usually drawn small drawings size 15 * 20 cm. Now I've began with larger ones. This one and the other I started on earlier this day are in size A4 . This will decorate my closet. The other one will be hanging over my desk. Can't wait to finish this with leafs and flowers. 

Hope you like them :)
Have you made any drawings lately?

Weekend Tips

Color Postcards or draw something :) Find an old sketch book and decide what to focus on. Summer is a nice time to start or begin anew drawing and colour things. I like endless colors during summer months. I'm trying to make benefit of walks in green fields and photograph what I see. 

I'm almost done with a drawing. This will have some more color and perhaps stronger contours. Then the postcards will soon be in different mail boxes :) I like the design of all the cards. Many have open blank space which I like, but sometimes the bigger ones are more beautiful.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Eyeshadow Bowl

I went for a couple new bowls to fill makeup in. The smallest of the two is where I keep my eyeshadows. I've bought single shadows instead of palettes, but I keep one pretty beautiful palette there as well. The one I wrote about with all the shimmer cubes. At the moment my favorite eyeshadow must be the beautiful champagne shade from Shiseido. It's a little gem I hope to get as much use of as possible. I went for see through bowls. Both with a subtle detail of silver. I used to store my makeup in my drawer but it looks better on the desk :)  

Where do you store your makeup?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Satchel

After picking up this beautiful satchel I decided to focus on this instead of hand bags for summer. A notebook, drinking bottle, sketch book, a makeup bag, something to eat. I feel planning is a bit more practical :) I like the white and gold details on this. I feel more comfortable using this then a heavy shoulder bag. After shopping this is practical too. I wear it in the city and on my walks. I like to bring my camera sometimes. I use a Canon 1000 D. Carrying this around as the only camera I got is  unpractical. When I choose a satchel I just pop it there and think no more about it :) I would definitely recommend using one of these.

Summer Walk

Todays Makeup

I'm quite pale so light colors are perfect for me. I'm always using my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation. I have the lightest shade, 1.0. For concealer I turn to Maybelline Fit Me shade 15. It is slightly darker then my natural skin tone but it works. These base products have a healthy, natural glow which I like. A while ago I purchased the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette in Streak. I've been wearing all colors matching perfect together. I decided to go for pink colors on my lips and picked Chanel Candeur and Maybelline Color Drama in Minimalist using the this first and Candeur over. Candour has a more transparent pink glossy color that looks gorgeous with Minimalist in a colourful pink under. And then one of the products I always use. An eyebrow color in shade brunette from Loreal Brow Artist.

Reading Now

I usually seem to find a classic to read. I loved reading Jane Eyre so much that I've been tempted to reread it soon! It's a beautiful story with interesting characters. Well described impressions and several reflections given through the main character Jane whom the story is told through.

Now I'm focusing on two books called The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas Fils and The Magus written by John Fowles. They are both well written and easy to read. The first is a love story. The story takes place in Paris and is told by a curious man wanting to know more about the life of a rich, young woman who has passed away. He buys a book at an auction that belonged to her and one day a lover of the woman wishes to buy the book that he personally gave her. I love reading it. I've read most in this though, The Magus. The story begins in England and is told through a young man tired of his life. He moves to Greece where he's teaching english living in a small island with no friends. After living there for nine months going through depression a sudden curiosity about a strangers life get's his attention and when he meets this person he finds that he has for some reason been waiting for him.

What do you think of these books? :)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Coral Favorite

I usually don't go for this color but the rouge in Streak palette had me convinced. This color has a visible pink in it which looks beautiful. It's both warm and slightly cold in color and I love that even though it's a strong color a bold lip will look better then without. It is very easy to build up and apply. I can't remember seeing similar shades which is one of the reasons I like this color so much. This color is one of three in the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Streak palette. I use all of them. Together they compliment each other so well. Where the rouge are being highlighted beautifully. Using a palette like this makes application and traveling more practical. I would recommend giving this a try if you're curious and think the colors would suite your style! :)

Do you like these colors? :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Colorful Shimmer Cubes

Shimmer Cubes Palette 26

I still haven't used this much, but it is a beautiful color palette with colors great for summer.
I'm generally found of products from The Body Shop. Especially skin care products. I was first drawn to the design of the product. A fun see through box with four strong colors. I like the fact that the colors are not to different from each other. They are pigmented and leaves a nice layer easily applied on eyes. I find the combination between shimmer and color perfect.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Activity

I began my day scrolling through blog posts listening to music. I worked some on my own posts. I've read some, done some cleaning but most of the time I've relaxed. At evening I did a new round of decorating my desk. I will collect bowls to keep things in as they're so handy. And pretty not taking up to much space :) I never go tired of my favourites. An elegant rose, gold bowl and a cute white with some pattern. Also in the decorating I popped up my set of oil pastels to remind me of this activity. Sometimes while having a break in one of my hobbies I spend more time on internet to long..

I've been drinking hot chocolate and fruit tea. Warm drinks are great all year round. And there are endless options. I've been loving cold lemon water which is perfect on warmer days. Besides it increases my well being :)

Before bedtime I decided to write more blog content and watch a movie. I went for science fiction. The Matrix. I heard it was to difficult to understand but I don't agree :) Because the entertainment and creativity about it doesn't disappear if you don't quite get something. It's a fun and interesting movie. Lately I've rediscovered my love for Foo Fighters. Especially three songs would play on my music list and I've added those again playing Stranger Things Have Happened on repeat.

What have you done this day?

About Me


I started photographing as a hobby when I was 20 and have gradually got more interested in photography. From the start I've been drawn to outdoor photography. I love strong green colors and light, blue sky. The best scenarios have some sun. Color and special details. 

I like to write. Read. Draw. The latter is a hobby I've dived into again after years forgetting it was quite fun. I favour oil pastels and soft pastels the most a long with ordinary color pencils :) My favorite is a combination of all three or two of them.

Walking. I love walking in nature. Especially during spring, summer and early autumn. I don't have to climb a huge mountain to really feel some benefit or inspiration. I love small walks! And find new places to walk.

Favorites Things.


Notebooks :)

Movies: Drama, action and sometimes science fiction

Favourite drink: Tea and smoothie

Favorite animal: Cat

Favourite books. Classical novels

Favorite colors: Navy Blue, yellow, coral and pastels of various kinds

Things I would do.

I would like to learn latin ballroom dancing.

I would like to travel overseas a couple times this year.

I would like to learn languages fluidly. 


In my teens I could list around 50 interesting professions I would take an interest in and make people upset.

I and my friends drew cartoons when we were kids and tried to sell home made perfume from flowers we had collected in our families gardens. (It didn't succeed).

I used to collect things. Like marbles, soaps, cards, stamps. I had a pretty big bag of marbles. 

I've suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 10 years. I 'm so much better now and count myself finished with that illness.

I started this blog as a way of distracting myself out of my illness and gradually develop my talents in hope some would find this space an interesting place. 

Navy Blue

There was I time when I could not imagine navy blue ever be in competition with other colors. I loved it so much. For a long time. My favorite clothes would have this color. Now I've rediscovered my old love for this beautiful color as I came across two absolutely gorgeous pieces. I don't know why certain colors have a strong effect on me but they do. I've been favouring poppy colors lately. Like in a simple bottle of nail polish :) Some take colors very seriously. I would like to sourround myself more with the colors giving me a good feeling! It's like I'm more drawn to funny colors  then when I was a kid. And navy blue is so calming. When autumn comes I guess I will see at lot more of this color.

New Lipsticks

You've perhaps already seen which brand I've shopped :) Mac isn't a brand I've focused on until recently. But I've been wanting to try some lipsticks after seeing endless reviews. I went for three shades. Creme Cup, Pure Zen and Please Me. I'd already seen all of them reviewed and felt good about picking these. They have a beautiful pigmentation and gorgeous finish. And beautiful color. All three are quite similar yet so different. I like the fact that there are so many color options. After just a few tries I can understand their popularity. Finish, texture and color really separates them from others! Also a wide selection. I think all three of them will be go to shades :)

From left to right. Creme Cup, Pure Zen and Please Me.

Do you have any Mac go to Shades?

New Favorite


I've had a couple foundations that I've been using for a while but wanted to try something new. I went over to the Estee Lauder section and found a light shade of the Double Wear foundation. This looks so lovely. I've always added rouge and maybe sun powder to my makeup but with this I can easily skip that.  I love how it looks. The color nuance and finish is the best about this. Also it gives a good coverage. 

What's your favorite foundation?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Blog Notebook

I guess I didn't lack anything to note on. Most of my notebooks are petit and great for small bags or huge diary sized. I've thought about separating content and finding practical as well as beautiful notebooks. Today I picked up three. And I've decided that this will be my blog post notebook. I like the calming blue color and round dots. Gold adds an element of luxury and fun! Before I wrote a lot of my blog content in a notebook when I was traveling in the city. That's definitely something I would love to do more of. This has a perfect, elegant look and size. 

Do you have notebooks for blog content? 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thoughts on Scary Movies

I happened to discover an interesting movie earlier this year. I never really gave much reflection to the scary movie genre when I was younger. If it seemed exciting and others would see it we went for it. We saw many scary movies. I found some of the movie trailers from movies we saw then and watched these making some reflections and comparisons to the movie I found this year. I felt that watching the trailers didn't give me curiosity nor a good impression of topics. But the other gave me couriosity, more wonder and focus to understand. What I generally like about movies is when they give you time to reflect on the story. Some have so many distractions. I think  watching to many of the scary movies with distractions adds a blur to the ones with more focus on understanding. 

What I like about the few that's impressed me is the notion of calmness, safety and wonder that seems to be highlighted. Not just a lot of impressions and weird things you've never seen(Or to often seen). Also if a movie is very different from others it makes it more worthwhile watching. More interesting. Some more rememberable. I've talked to several people who give impression of this particular genre as too silly and worthless to watch. Movies seem to ask: How scared will you get? Jet others: "How much time will you reflect on this." And then ask: "Is the story important?"

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wonder Landscape

I've been thinking about going a certain path by and over the lake where I live. Again and again. It is the most gorgeous place to walk. When it's sunny it's truly a dreamy atmosphere. At the right time of the day the trees create a wonderful wonderland that I have not seen a great deal of like this. Because a part of this route has a beginning tree tunnel section. Where loads of high green trees cover the sky. Sun rays look gorgeous here! Really nice opportunity for photographing. 

Here are some favorite photos of the atmosphere I like so much.