Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Activity

I began my day scrolling through blog posts listening to music. I worked some on my own posts. I've read some, done some cleaning but most of the time I've relaxed. At evening I did a new round of decorating my desk. I will collect bowls to keep things in as they're so handy. And pretty not taking up to much space :) I never go tired of my favourites. An elegant rose, gold bowl and a cute white with some pattern. Also in the decorating I popped up my set of oil pastels to remind me of this activity. Sometimes while having a break in one of my hobbies I spend more time on internet to long..

I've been drinking hot chocolate and fruit tea. Warm drinks are great all year round. And there are endless options. I've been loving cold lemon water which is perfect on warmer days. Besides it increases my well being :)

Before bedtime I decided to write more blog content and watch a movie. I went for science fiction. The Matrix. I heard it was to difficult to understand but I don't agree :) Because the entertainment and creativity about it doesn't disappear if you don't quite get something. It's a fun and interesting movie. Lately I've rediscovered my love for Foo Fighters. Especially three songs would play on my music list and I've added those again playing Stranger Things Have Happened on repeat.

What have you done this day?

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