Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February Mini Haul

My wardrobe has been in need for a spring update. Buying makeup can be in another haul because My wardrobe has been in need for a spring update. Buying makeup can be in another haul because I have so much of it now :) Clothes though, is a more rare haul for me so it was definitely a lot of fun I have so much of it now :) Clothes though, is a more rare haul for me so it was definitely a lot of fun finding new pieces. I was looking for sweaters and tops and decided to buy two. The first I picked up is this H & M striped top. The fabric feels so comfortable and looks pretty good in terms of quality. It's a little different from the t-shirts I would usually buy but I like trying something a new now. And this top gives me a nice spring feeling. I can't wait to wear it.

Next I went to Gina Tricot and bought this grey sweather. This feels super comfortable and look more expensive then it is! And the quality seems pretty good. I like the simple and elegant pattern with a casual look which I feel both of these products have! I so wanted to buy a short white thick sweather there too. Next time maybe :)

My last purchase was this little card holder. It definitely looks more practical then the one I already have. And elegant black can't be wrong. The fabric seems comfy and for a budget price this seems more expensive and quality probably better then what I would expect at first. I was not too excited about Gina Tricot the few first years I knew about this brand. But I would love going back for another haul pretty soon. :)

Do you like these brands? :)

Friday, February 12, 2016


Yesterday I found this Vanilla candle and I've kept it burning for hours today. :) Vanilla candles are timeless and can be found in all price categories. This one was a little bargain. I've read some pages in the novel The Winter Ghosts. It's a pretty good book. Then of course I've looked at blog posts and found new blogs to follow. Today I will finish watch Dream House movie. I've begun seeing Die Hard and Casino Royale tonight. And I'll watch the rest of at least one of them in the evening.

I wish I had some new makeup to share and combine a new look or looks. I switch daily in my makeup only having a few staples for a time. I think my next purchase will be a brow pencil from Maybelline. Then finding a new sweather or two would't hurt :) I'm looking for a striped top. In black and white.

I've been on two walks today and the cold weather was not too cold. We have new snow so I hope to catch some new good photos. I wanted to do this today but got up so late. I've eaten lots of food so my energy should be good for tomorrow. :) Now I'll have my second strawberry smoothie. Lately I've preferred this over tea, and I always drink tea.

Have you had a good Friday? :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bright Makeup Colors

I love a good coverage and soft colors in my makeup. Makeup colors that makes me look more awake and a creative like person. The subtle warm shades with some cold undertone I find poppy on my skin when I've found the most comfortable colors. Lately I've struggled a little with my makeup looking pale and uninteresting. The lightening outside is perfect for training. If something looks subtle and fresh in cloudy weather it should look good in more sunny weather! :)

Today I wore three of these makeup products and I constantly forget how good the Stila lip and cheek product looks. The shade is so harmonious and finish perfectly dewy. And I just love the mix of red with some soft pink here. This has lasted a lot longer then expected so I am pleased to use this ahead!
The color is a little pearly and gives the prettiest natural flush to the cheeks. Also I'm in love with the second. Mac Spellbinder Powder Blush. And can look good in all kinds of daylight. :) Besides it last long and is super pigmented! The base product here that I always return to is the YSL Top Secrets All-In-One bb cream in shade Clear. This seems to be kind to skin and looks flawless on with a soft, sheer color that also manages to look matte on the skin. Not completely, but that's what I like :) 

On the eyes I've been loving a fresh, comfy nude eyeliner from a brand called Kicks. Scandinavian beauty brand. The finish and formula is so lovely and this looks good on super pale skin. My eyes look more brightened. And for being a subtle nude the shade manages to look quite interesting :)
Like with the other makeup, I think it can look good in all kinds of daylight! And that is pretty important. :)

Mac lipsticks and lip pencils have been my main focus when it comes to lip colors! For a little cool pink I turn to Rosy Rim lip pencil and the coverage is great! And it is quite soft so it does not appear harsh on the lips. Then one pick from my lipsticks is this, Pure Zen which looks so soft, interesting and brightening! There is just a lovely color mix here and the coverage is good. And I can not complement the finish enough. 

Products: YSL Top Secrets All-In-One BB cream shade Clear, Stila convertible lip & cheek color in Petunia, Kicks Eye Brightener eyeliner, Mac Spellbinder Powder blush, Mac Rosy Rim Lip Pencil and Mac Pure Zen lipstick.

Have you tried any of these or similar ones? :) 

Sunday, February 7, 2016


I've wanted to take pictures of colourful buildings and fog around and in forests. Today the cloudy weather was just too heavy with the occasional rain. It disappointed me a little because photographing outdoors was the only thing I wanted to do.

My drawing book has been diligently used. And today I've made a couple new drawings. Photos of building are from yesterday. So is picture above. :) 

Sundays would always strike be as boring before. Now I appreciate it just as much as any other day.
Since I'll probably stay inside all day I'll do reading, look for inspiration in photography, think about new makeup looks. Though the light in my room is not perfect I would still enjoy taking some photos. And read blog posts. :) I usually start my day doing this, like today. Then I ate some breakfast and listened to music. I've done my makeup and it looks like this.

Bubble one: "New Place". 2: I've never seen such clouds". 3: There are no islands around here".

Maybe I should have drawn the boat with the two people :) This drawing turned out to be about opportunities.

Another drawing I made today :)

In the evening I went for a walk, organised makeup and now I'm watching my second movie of the day. First one I saw was The Awakening. The main character, that actor is so talented and cute. Now I'm watching Angels & Demons. I've seen this before so I write a little in my diary too, not paying that much attention. In my diary I'm planning my day tomorrow. I look forward to go for a walk even though it will be cloudy! Then buy food. And take some good photos! :) Now I'll have a lime and honey drink! I can definitely recommend trying that. And to drink warm, then it's definitely better!

Friday, February 5, 2016

January Beauty Favourites

YSL Parisienne perfume. I was curious about a green bottle of this. I could not find it anywhere in store and in small size. So I decided to check out the pink perfume and absolutely love it. This is my most worn scent this year. It smells quite flowery and a little pearly. Yet it's winter I don't mind. :) The bottle looks quite beautiful! And the scent is so comfortable though it's a little heavy as it's perfume. I have not come across similar ones that I remember. That's a bonus :) 

Mac Spellbinder powder blush. I love this peach color for it's warmth, finish and interesting color blend. Limited edition makeup sometimes look more like special occation pieces and not everyday makeup. I feel this belongs to the latter :) I have a couple peach blushes but none of them like this. They all look a little more cold and less poppy. I like that this is a winter makeup launch :) During summer I would not notice a peach makeup color easily. Then there are so many of them. The Spellbinder blush applies easy and does not smudge. It is super easy to build in the intensity you prefer.

Kicks nude eyeliner. Brightening eyeliners has always got me curious because they can make makeup a little more interesting. This one has been the first I feel is appropriate for my skin tone, eye color and hair color. First of all I like it's consistency. Then the mix of natural warmth and cold pigmentation. It looks like a comfortable color and does not compete with other makeup. The most subtle makeup piece can make a little difference and I feel this one does.

Lush Mask of MagnaMinty. At my first haul in one of the Lush stores I got this facial mask for testing. After emptied the first pot I new this should be on my wish list. My skin always looks a little more even and more healthy with new glow after using this. The Lush products I've tried so far gives that nice spa feeling and is super refreshing. It smells nice, though color is a little daunting here. 

Lush Ocean Scrub.  Another Lush favorite this month is this facial and body scrub. The scent is at first a little overwhelming. But the intense scent never gets uncomfortable to me. Applying this with the nice texture is easy and a small amount is enough. This scrub gives my skin a nice glow and makes skin tone look more even. And the refreshing feeling is such a nice side! So I would highly recommend it. 

Icy Forest

A walk to and by the forest. But definitely not too cold. I got here before dark to take pictures. Next time I would like to walk more around the place and take photos! And dress warmer. =) I like the forest when it is cloudy too. Lucky for me. I can still get some good photos. I hope to take better photos next time. The thing I felt lacking in some of these where good composition. Then better light adjusting in the natural daylight. Anyway, the walk was pretty refreshing. :) And I don't feel too tired. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Punk Bouquet. Early Spring Pick

The last few days I've again fallen in love with one of my favorite fragrances last year. For some time the winter air has felt more of spring. And I got reminded of Punk Bouquet by & Other Stories. This is such a joyful vanilla mix. The balance between scents is perfect! It is very sweet but not nearly overpowering. I think the bottle reflects it quite well! There is something about it that is a little mature so don't be afraid of trying this out if you usually think Vanilla is a too sweet pick. 
I purchased this last spring in London and would love to check out more of the scented products. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

New Month. New Read

I've found myself a little book to read and began yesterday. This one is a handy size and easy to read. The flow is very good and writing simple. And I think, persons few.  This book caught my eye in the book store with it's nice comfortable design and big book title. It is called Stockholm. And is written by Trine Vollan. It is in Norwegian so this post I guess are for these readers :)

I was drawn to the light atmosphere and day to day descriptions. There's a some kind of rush in this story. On the cover of the book its said that it's a book about everyday life, artistic mind, great role models and the search for identity.

The feeling I get from reading this book is good :) It has a good vibe so far. The texts shows constantly thoughts that the main character is concerned about and things she says. It somehow reminds me of being on a carousel in slow, comfy speed. A nice everyday read.
And then I must say the design is so lovely! The book got 203 pages so I think this could be a nice gift for someone who don't read all the time. And look for something not too heavy :) I forgot to mention that it's a novel. The main character is a mother of two children and wife living in Stockholm. The story beings when mum and children are on they're way home in rough winter weather and she must do different chores. The baby is taken to the doctor and the problem is that it does not see enough of the world she's told. I have read 35 pages so far. Tomorrow I'll read some more. :) I'm curious to see how relationships develope in the story and if she takes big steps in new directions.