Friday, February 5, 2016

January Beauty Favourites

YSL Parisienne perfume. I was curious about a green bottle of this. I could not find it anywhere in store and in small size. So I decided to check out the pink perfume and absolutely love it. This is my most worn scent this year. It smells quite flowery and a little pearly. Yet it's winter I don't mind. :) The bottle looks quite beautiful! And the scent is so comfortable though it's a little heavy as it's perfume. I have not come across similar ones that I remember. That's a bonus :) 

Mac Spellbinder powder blush. I love this peach color for it's warmth, finish and interesting color blend. Limited edition makeup sometimes look more like special occation pieces and not everyday makeup. I feel this belongs to the latter :) I have a couple peach blushes but none of them like this. They all look a little more cold and less poppy. I like that this is a winter makeup launch :) During summer I would not notice a peach makeup color easily. Then there are so many of them. The Spellbinder blush applies easy and does not smudge. It is super easy to build in the intensity you prefer.

Kicks nude eyeliner. Brightening eyeliners has always got me curious because they can make makeup a little more interesting. This one has been the first I feel is appropriate for my skin tone, eye color and hair color. First of all I like it's consistency. Then the mix of natural warmth and cold pigmentation. It looks like a comfortable color and does not compete with other makeup. The most subtle makeup piece can make a little difference and I feel this one does.

Lush Mask of MagnaMinty. At my first haul in one of the Lush stores I got this facial mask for testing. After emptied the first pot I new this should be on my wish list. My skin always looks a little more even and more healthy with new glow after using this. The Lush products I've tried so far gives that nice spa feeling and is super refreshing. It smells nice, though color is a little daunting here. 

Lush Ocean Scrub.  Another Lush favorite this month is this facial and body scrub. The scent is at first a little overwhelming. But the intense scent never gets uncomfortable to me. Applying this with the nice texture is easy and a small amount is enough. This scrub gives my skin a nice glow and makes skin tone look more even. And the refreshing feeling is such a nice side! So I would highly recommend it. 

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