Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekend Drawing Time

I prefered to draw during weekends. Perhaps because there were no school work waiting and weekends were time for fun. I would draw a lot during primary school and some after. It's a nice hobby. Calming and a boost for imagination. Something I need for my writing :) I forced my self to begin writing again on my novel. :) Writing and drawing has been my top activities today. It's a little strange how something that was an absolute must before can be forgotten. 

I started my drawing at random like I usually do and see what comes down on paper.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Green Wonderland

One of the things I like the most when spring and summer comes is to walk in green areas. Today I traveled to a new place with one of my uncles. I like seeing new places. The landscape was filled with bright green in sunlight everywhere. Before rain. It was a nice trip :) With a landscape a little different then what I'm used to.

Photos from today.

Three Colorful Treats

I like the poppy colors we see when spring and summer comes. Some of those I will wear all year round. In London I picked up quite a lot of beauty products. Two of them in this post and one new I bought back home. 

These have a wonderful texture and finish. The Essie nail polish looks good with one application but I prefer two. The Stila blush and lip color is an interesting color. It comes in a beautiful design with mirror. Really easy to fit any makeup kit or purse. When I saw this Revlon lipstick I was first drawn to it's design. I have never owned any products from this beauty brand. I'm really glad I picked this one. It is possibly the most beautiful lipstick shade I own. And also the most comfortable.

Essie nail polish shade Hubby for Dessert

Stila Convertable Color ( Lip/Cheek)  Petunia

Revlon Juicy Papaya lipstick

Have you tried these products? :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Favorite Photos

I think this months favorite had to be from my London holiday :) This photo is taken at one of the markets. I like big, white and black photographs lined up like the ones we see. They add something to the picture. A contrast to all the small photos. I also like the variety of colors. And the amount. Then I quite liked the atmosphere walking around at the market. It's fun to see through old books and stuff. 

I've always sticked to one favorite photo each month. This time I found it too difficult.

Butterflies photographed in a tent outside The Natural History Museum in London :) A lovely experience!

Stuff I've Been Doing Lately

After returning from my travel I decided it was time to do some drawing. I longed to do something other then photographing and writing. I had a lovely week in London and getting back was okay. I usually turn sad after such a nice travel. 

I've spent a great deal time reading :) I'm back in my reading mode. Switching back and forth between six books. At the Sherlock Holmes Museum I picked up a collection of the shorter stories which I've loved reading! I brushed dust of my Jane Eyre novel and bought a couple new books recently. I find them all interesting. I haven't been walking as much as I would like so that will be my next priority. I love walking in summertime. Now we don't have that summer weather jet which is a little disappointing. 

 Shopping and decorating.

And drawing.

I've watched television shows and movies. Sherlock, Signs and The Matrix are some of them :) And I've been waiting for the nice weather to come. In the mean time I've started cleaning my messy room and been out at cafes. 

I think my favorite activities of these have been drawing, reading and shopping. 

What have you been doing lately? 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Makeup

Some blush colors perfect for all seasons I think :) Stila Convertible Lip and Cheek color in Petunia and Stila Pink Glow (the right).

I feel these pictures look a little summer like. We're not quite there :) But the makeup products I find lovely on sunny days as well as more cloudy days. I wanted to wear some product with some hint of glow. Today is a cloudy day here with no sun. I found some interesting products in London as well as home. One of my favorites here are the Vichy Idelia bb cream. It gives such a good coverage and healthy looking skin with a subtle soft glow. Since my skin is pale I've chosen the lightest shade. 
Some other products that I'm wearing. Soap & Glory Solar Powder. Always a favorite :) Fit me concealer from Mabelline in shade 15. Then I found two lovely Stila blushes. The one to the left is my favorite. Petunia. I use this mainly on my lips. It's an interesting color and great texture. In the middle is Stila Pink Glow blush which gives such a natural looking color and soft glow. Also I added a second rouge to my makeup today. And that is the cute Max Factor Miracle Touch cream blush. Shade Soft Cardinal. It is a gorgeous red slightly pink color on the cheeks.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Two New Beauty Addictions

Essie in shade Hubby for Dessert
NAILSINK in shade Whitehall

How cute are these? :) I love those colors! Until today I had only seen the lilac one in magazines and blogs. Also I picked up a beautiful, soft pink color.  New favorite makeup pieces :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ingeborg's Drawings

My friend Ingeborg has always been into arts :) Probably more then me when it comes to creating. I've always been intrigued by here works. So much cool stuff like clothes, drawings, pillows :) Last year I made a post about friends' art and after making some drawings I got the idea again about showing someone else's work :) Here are some cool drawings by my friend Ingeborg :) 

Drawings Ingeborg Aas Nerland

A Couple Drawings

A Couple drawings I've made recently :) My favorite here the picture below.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More Photos From London

Tate Modern, Somerset House, Regent Street and Albert & Victoria Museum :) And some notebooks of course :) <3

Monday, May 18, 2015

London Beauty Hauls

I just visited London and during shopping there I found so many gemstones :) On my flight to London I decided to buy my first Clarins products. Two tubes of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. These are magnificent. So brightening :) I will always bring one in my purse! If I look a little tired I will use this. Clarins was not the only new brand I bought a product from. I spotted & Other Stories, Revlon and Bourjois on my shopping trips. Just before I went home I bought a lipstick from Revlon that I like very much. My favorite piece from Bourjois has got to be this eyeshadow in shimmery pink. It looks so lovely. I've been skeptical to pink eyeshadows before but this have made me more open minded. It is so pigmented and stays on for hours. The same day as I purchased this eyeshadow I also bought to other favorites. A black eyeliner from Rimmel and a sparkly, pink and white nail polish from Loreal. I've been using the eyeliner daily. 

I was tempted to buy a new foundation or bb cream but since I picked up one before traveling I decided to buy other things. And two highlights from the shopping were definitely the fragrances I found. & Other Stories Punk Bouquet really impressed me with a heavy, floral Vanilla scent. It is so lovely. The other one has a mild yet strong, feminine floral scent. Ma Vie from Hugo Boss. I quite like the design of these two! Elegant and cool pieces. Punk Bouquet will decorate my white desk.

On my trip I bought three rouges in total from labels Stila and Seventeen. Also brands I've never tried makeup from. But seen everywhere on different blogs. I'll show the one I like the most here. The Stila blush in color Petunia. This is not only rouge but also a lip color product. And I think it is perfect for both. The consistency is perfect and color just gorgeous and fresh.

At & Other Stories I also picked up a lip gloss (shade Say Pink). It's been so long since I used lip glosses but I was convinced to give this one a try, and I do not regret. It is beautifully colored and consistency is really comfy. It does not stay on too long, but I still think it's worth it.

Some of these, and other products I bought will end up in May and June favorites :) And probably sooner. 

Stila lip and rouge in color Petunia and other products.