Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stuff I've Been Doing Lately

After returning from my travel I decided it was time to do some drawing. I longed to do something other then photographing and writing. I had a lovely week in London and getting back was okay. I usually turn sad after such a nice travel. 

I've spent a great deal time reading :) I'm back in my reading mode. Switching back and forth between six books. At the Sherlock Holmes Museum I picked up a collection of the shorter stories which I've loved reading! I brushed dust of my Jane Eyre novel and bought a couple new books recently. I find them all interesting. I haven't been walking as much as I would like so that will be my next priority. I love walking in summertime. Now we don't have that summer weather jet which is a little disappointing. 

 Shopping and decorating.

And drawing.

I've watched television shows and movies. Sherlock, Signs and The Matrix are some of them :) And I've been waiting for the nice weather to come. In the mean time I've started cleaning my messy room and been out at cafes. 

I think my favorite activities of these have been drawing, reading and shopping. 

What have you been doing lately? 

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