Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Beauty Essentials

Spring season is pretty lovely. I hope the warm temperature come here soon! I would love to walk outdoors wearing a t-shirt with no jacket and no winter shoes. It's definitely more comfy going for walks now. I've seen bloggers post they're spring makeup. And new launches. I hope I find a couple new spring makeup bits :) Illamasqua and Revlon has caught my eye lately. Here I have some old favourites that I look forward to use when the sun is stronger and light more comfy! I've been loving the Bourjois Java Rice Powder for a long time and the lip colors here are among my top favorites. Though I could have used the lipstick a lot more I think this season it will come handy ;) It is a soft pearly shine peach in a cold color. It looks subtle and luxurious and is super creamy! I'm pretty much in love with YSL makeup! They have so much beautiful to choose from! Last summer I found my favorite blush for that season. The red Isadora one :) And the sun powder looks pretty good all year round. This makes my pale skin look more sun kissed but still it can give that subtle look. A little of this goes a long way ;) Good to remember if you have pale skin. 

Lastly I have a room, linen and body spray from The Body Shop. This always make me relax and inspires me to live healthier. I would definitely recommend checking these sprays out! There is especially one more of them I would like picking up.


YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick 24
Bourjois Java Rice Powder
Mac Rosy Rim lip liner
The Body Shop Aloe & Soft Linen spray
Isadora Perfect Peach blush
The Body Shop bronzer 03 Medium Matte

Have you picked out some spring essentials? :)
What are your top favorites?

Easter Holiday Photos

Friday, March 25, 2016

Transitional Makeup Now

I've been using a lot of colours in my makeup this winter. And I will use more in summer. For spring I feel like toning the colour use a little down and focus more on my base makeup! I'm pretty happy with these base products until I find some new sometime this spring. These look a little matte and glowy with a nice coverage. To me the darkest lip color look a little wintery but also reminds me of flowers. It is darker then in photos here because I've added a little pastel pink lipstick too. This especially looks like a transitional color from winter to spring and summer to autumn I think. And is one of those nice go to colours versatile with any makeup and mood!

I've thrown in some other makeup too that I think will look nice this time of year :) 
Like the peach lipstick which was one of my top favourites last year from Revlon. Bourjois Java Rice powder should always be in any makeup collection :) It looks so nice and subtle with all makeup!

How does your transitional makeup look like? :) Have any makeup product tips?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Egg

There is no candy for me the rest of the holiday. But every time I pass easter eggs in stores I have to take a look. At a museum I visited recently I saw this gorgeous thing. It was not expensive and looks so interesting and beautiful :) It can be opened in the middle but the inside is not pretty for storing. I'm not sure if I can call this an egg, but it reminds me of one. It was places next to gold colored eggs in different sizes and with silver ones. But this one was coolest! :) There were also one of this in a smaller size. And other cool things as the museum shop! I found a book I was on the search for last summer and bought some post cards too. It will be nice looking at this treasure on my desk. :) I like that it can be opened in two halfs on the middle. With a napkin I can put some candy in there maybe even a small candle! Being the beauty addict I am I first thought about putting makeup in it but it's not big enough for that. For now it's the coolest thing on my desk :) I really wanted to buy more things at the art museum shop. Like cool designed playing cards :) 

Have you bought decor like this recently? :)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

A New Luxury Treat

Miu Miu body lotion

The colourful design is so harmonious and fun to look at. I've seen the fragrance of this and recently spotted this body lotion on special offer. :) So I was intrigued and decided to buy and of this. And I'm pretty sure I will love it a lot. I love looking at it :) The blue color is so relaxing. Body lotions are a little neglected by me but I must have quality when I buy it. So I'm hoping this will be a good one! The scent seems to be a nice and fun balanced mix, not too strong or intense. So it could be used more often. The bottle is beautiful and very much like the fragrance bottle! I love the creative part and that they are so alike. I've read about this brand but never tried any of their stuff. I love discovering new brands :)

Luckily the scent is not strong on the skin. It's perfectly subtle and a scent nice for seasonal transitions. Like winter to spring and summer to autumn! It has a good consistency! And gives a nice portion of moist to the skin pretty quickly so what's not to like about this :) The only minus is that it is expensive for a body lotion. But you get quality.

What do you think of the Miu Miu body lotion?


Friday, March 18, 2016

The Day Before Holiday

Friday. Easter holiday came so soon. I started making my plans just a couple days ago. :) They consist of training, relaxing and reading! Hopefully I get to meet a couple friends too. If I have more energy I will visit museums. And maybe go to cinema. Today I went for a little walk and bought some candy, wine and food. Then I have been reading in my newest book purchase. I read in every holiday. It has been a tradition since I was maybe ten years old. Reading a lot for periods make me relax a lot! I looked many places for this book. Gone with the Wind and found it finally in City center at one of the larger book shops. It's a classic so they should have it more places :) I have loved reading it so far. 

Then I have a little goal taking photos outdoors at least one day. This easter I have not found any crime books to read. Instead I focus on novels with the one mentioned being my top pick. For some reason the last day before a holiday is maybe the most laziest one. And a day for reflection and relaxing doing a little bit of everything that is not too tiering. I reflect on the rest of my holiday and how to make my plans become better and perfected. 

Also I seem to seek some more inspiration for something the first day before a holiday. I've mentioned reading as one of the main activities but I'll definitely be looking for some good movie options. I think mainly classics that I have not seen! I want to learn something interesting and thoughtful from older movie styles. The oldest movie I've seen is called Nosferatu and is from 1922.

I thought my main goal would be no matter what I do, relaxation but I realise as I'm writing that I should focus on inspiration just as much! My tired mind need it.

Luckily this day for me does not mean stress and hurry. I'm staying where I am all holiday. Vacation with travel can come another time :) I do like traveling outside the holiday seasons. And think I'll do that as well this year! 

What movies would you recommend? :)
And what do you read?

I wish all my readers a nice holiday!


Friday, March 11, 2016

Mac Spoonful of Sugar

Love love love this nail polish! I have never come across one quite like this! It is just so spot on cute and shimmery. I love the perfect mix of sparkle and see through color. It dries incredibly quick and seems like a quality product! I wanted the soft, dark pink too. It was special. I've tried lipsticks, and blushes from this brand, but nail polish now just! I have not even taken a look at them, something that I should. :) Mac Spoonful of Sugar is a new release belonging to collection Flamingo Park. This was the first I spotted in it and I love it. I think it just screams spring and summer! And it looks so cute! I think this will be a long time favorite of mine! And a staple in spring and summer time this year :)

It reminds me a little of 80s style. And candy and movies. It will be pretty easy to style, looking versatile but I would go for blue. Blue top and jeans. Maybe a dark jeans first in the transition from winter to spring. And I have my eye on Noisy May and New Look and Rut & Circle clothes that I think will be perfect! To this little polish :) A nail polish should look just as good as your best outfit! 

Have you tired this yet? :) Thoughts? 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mac Sunny Seoul Lipstick

Finally I could choose a new Mac lipstick to my collection and I went with Sunny Seoul. It is a cream sheen lipstick with beautiful finish and lovely coverage. This red pink color looks refreshing and has a little shine and hint of sparkle that looks pretty. It is easy to apply and smells of vanilla like the others! I have no Mac lipstick colors like this so I'm quite happy about owning a red. It looks warm and comfortable. For being a red color it is suitable for everyday wear. About the color I would also say it has some brown in in there. I can see myself wearing this a lot in spring and summer. :) I think it would be a nice autumn and winter lipstick too! :)

What do you think?
Have you tried Mac Sunny Seoul? :)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday Walk and Haul

My makeup picks. Blush and concealer from Maybelline and brow pencil from Gosh.

 I felt like my day begun with my walk today. It was lovely and not too cold. I think the birds were more cold. Apparently the orange bird is seldom. I've seen it here a couple times and today I got the best pictures. It was drinking snow water. 

I like walking when temperature is like this. And by the lake it is always refreshing. After my walk I went to a small shopping mall and found some new makeup. I like those pieces very much. Only the eyebrow color I'm hesitating towards. It is super dark so my expressions become more hard. The blush seemed surprisingly good. I knew they're concealers were good and I've tried this before. But the creamy soft blush is my favorite now :) I love how it looks. Texture and color wise.

Thousand birds. They gather up at their usual place and here people stop to feed them and take photos! And chat by the bench. Some people stay for long. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

H & M Popsicle Lipstick

There's nothing like finding a new interesting red lipstick when choosing lipsticks. I find this color so difficult to get right. And it is not my most worn lipstick shade so I put more consideration into these buys. Some days ago I picked up a H & M lipstick in the shade Popsicle. It is such a vivid bright red with orange that looks super cool and charming. It's a fresh poppy color that to me feels like spring! It works nice with my pale skin. I can not wear a red that competes with everything else. So I like this shade a lot. And for being a budget lipstick it has a good consistency! I was pleasantly surprised with this. The coverage is so good and pigmentation too! It does not feel sticky and gives a good amount of color for a while. This color immediately strikes me as one looking good with grey and since it is still winter I could definitely start wearing it. And red lipstick is anyway a timeless pick! And the design is pretty cool I must say :) Both outer packaging and the lipstick! It looks and feels luxurious. 

Have you tried H & M Popsicle lipstick? :) What do you like wearing it with?


When starting writing my blog post I was at a cafe I like much. Before that I visited a museum and took lots of pictures. How lovely the colors were! Watch pictures below of all the things. It was a nice experience giving me some calm and new impressions. At the cafe I relaxed reading in the acting book, drinking tea and taking pictures. I ordered some bakery with the cup of tea and it was lovely! Now the place looks pretty beautiful too. So I took some photos for another blog post about new makeup. In this case a lipstick. And I was definitely tempted to buy more makeup but decided waiting. The only thing I really wanted was a Maybelline highlight concealer which were sold out every place I went. 

Home I started watching a documentary and eat dinner. Now I'm listening to music. And later I will have a walk and read more. It's been pretty cold outside lately but today it was not the worst temperature! So I felt I could wear something nice because I don't like my wool clothes.