Thursday, March 3, 2016


When starting writing my blog post I was at a cafe I like much. Before that I visited a museum and took lots of pictures. How lovely the colors were! Watch pictures below of all the things. It was a nice experience giving me some calm and new impressions. At the cafe I relaxed reading in the acting book, drinking tea and taking pictures. I ordered some bakery with the cup of tea and it was lovely! Now the place looks pretty beautiful too. So I took some photos for another blog post about new makeup. In this case a lipstick. And I was definitely tempted to buy more makeup but decided waiting. The only thing I really wanted was a Maybelline highlight concealer which were sold out every place I went. 

Home I started watching a documentary and eat dinner. Now I'm listening to music. And later I will have a walk and read more. It's been pretty cold outside lately but today it was not the worst temperature! So I felt I could wear something nice because I don't like my wool clothes. 

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