Thursday, March 3, 2016

H & M Popsicle Lipstick

There's nothing like finding a new interesting red lipstick when choosing lipsticks. I find this color so difficult to get right. And it is not my most worn lipstick shade so I put more consideration into these buys. Some days ago I picked up a H & M lipstick in the shade Popsicle. It is such a vivid bright red with orange that looks super cool and charming. It's a fresh poppy color that to me feels like spring! It works nice with my pale skin. I can not wear a red that competes with everything else. So I like this shade a lot. And for being a budget lipstick it has a good consistency! I was pleasantly surprised with this. The coverage is so good and pigmentation too! It does not feel sticky and gives a good amount of color for a while. This color immediately strikes me as one looking good with grey and since it is still winter I could definitely start wearing it. And red lipstick is anyway a timeless pick! And the design is pretty cool I must say :) Both outer packaging and the lipstick! It looks and feels luxurious. 

Have you tried H & M Popsicle lipstick? :) What do you like wearing it with?

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