Saturday, August 30, 2014

Magical Movie Music

Movie music. This is the genre I like the best.
I often find something that has a timeless feel to it, a timeless curiosity and wonder.
That's why it is so easy for me to disappear into another world, listening to this music. I like best the instrumental pieces where time and space  seems to disappear. The sad, dark songs might also be uplifting and have something interesting to them. I still can't point my finger at exactly what it is :)

I think it is cool how music can tell many stories and emotions in one song.

What is your favorite genre and movie music?:)

Here are some of my favorites:

Alexandre Desplat. Soundtracks:

Coco and Boy

Thursday, August 28, 2014

 Autumn Movie List

Autumn is my favorite season to watch movies.
I've made a list of movies I want to see. I like many of the older movies like Contact, Twister, The Client and so on. 

Here are movies I will watch this fall.

The Horse Whisperer


The Siege

Legends of the Fall

Singing in the Rain

Enemy of the State

West Side Story

What movies do you plan to see? :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Diary Crafting

Buying a diary there are many things you can do to make it more inspirational for your writings :) Using Photos, drawings, decorative paper and stickers you can style a bland cover your own way, and make inspirational headlines according to your hobbies, work and interests.

Also drawings, pictures, paper and stickers can easily be crafted 
inside your notebook/diary.

This is how my diary looks so far. I've decorated it on the outside, and made some headlines inside.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


I have been drawing today. It has been to long since the last time I did that. I like the use of many colors in a picture. Happy colors. Especially yellow. I have a feeling that color will pop up in most of my drawings. I am using a lot of yellow in this one.

After drawing and watching Fringe for a while, I decided to go for a walk, and bring my camera. It has been raining a lot today, but it was nice and sunny afterwards. Usually I walk my trips in nature landscape. Today I decided to explore more around the place I live, and on my trip I spotted these flowers. 

 Time to Draw

It has been so years since I sat down, and drew pictures. Often I get an idea. Sketching it down, it usually lies in a box for years. Time to change things around :) I love the look of this sketch/drawing book. 

Pastels are my favorite to work with. They have so many color tones. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

 Cafe and Impressions

Today I enjoyed Raw Food brownie and white tea at a cafe outside the city center rush. It was really nice. Getting to these smaller places makes me notice better the atmosphere and the people around me. I also like these streets because they have exciting shops.

At first I found this cafe to be to heavy in color choices, but I got quickly used to it, and changed my mind. Even the floor had cool wallpaper looking patterns. It was a little expensive, but I loved my buyings. The white tea with cranberry is on my wish list. And Raw Food is something I would like to try more of.

It is fun to see what people are wearing. I notice better with a cup of tea, sitting by or close to a window. Today it was many business people, some casual looking teens and fashionistas.

I look forward to my next visit. And to find new places to visit outside the city center rush.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three Things

Some days my energy level is incredible low. Usually it is stable. But today is one of those days. Having a strange feeling of standing in a landscape, a lookout point on a hill, watching my joy for photography, writing and so on seeming placed at other hills far away, I decided on some simple goals.

Today I decided to find a new notebook. Slightly bigger then the others I have purchased. This one to turn into a diary :) A personalized one. And then, second, to enjoy a cup of tea. A new type. My last wish, to see a movie, which I had decided to spend this week doing. Watching several of the classics.

I hope to get a start on this one today. Making the cover with origami paper;)

What do you do when you feel burned out?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

This Week

I have been thinking a lot about spotting a new cafe or two, and plan to do so this week. And also, photograph nice buildings here in Oslo. I hope the library have many classical movies in, because I plan to borrow several of them :) 

And blog later about these things. 

I am finishing this weekend with my favorite television show, and a nice cup of tea <3 

New blog posts coming up soon;)

Beauty Treat

Maybeline Dream Fresh BB Cream in shade Universal Glow. 

This has been a favorite of mine this week. Generally my impression of BB creams hasn't been so good. Testing the different shades in the shop, I decided to buy this one, and it is not just the shade that works :) 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Walking Outside

Some of you might recognize the location. This is outside the Opera House. I wish I could say I was inside, watching a show! I can not wait until october<3 Watching a ballet documentary from here, I got really inspired. I love to watch people dance. Latin ballroom is my favorite. But ballet can be just as beautiful and magnificent! Wishing I was inside, I walked around outside with my camera, taking photos,watching people. I was not too excited about my photos today, but I got some good ones =)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Background Noise

You sometimes hear that buzzing thing. You've left it on, and it plays music all day long.

Listening to music is nice. Sometimes I need something else to get a reload of motivation and energy. Many days I don't feel like reading the bible, but it is important to me to have some of it incorporated in my day. Those days I don't feel like listening to music, but still want there to be some buzzing in the background. Finding a wonderful bible movie I let it play in the background. I think background noise gives an impact on our everyday lives, so it is important that it gives you a recharge in its own way.

 Don't neglect that background noise ;) 

A Touch of Vintage

We have a few vintage shops here. I don't go to them so often, but once in a while to see if I find something. It reminds me of so many things. The look of it, all the different colors and shapes, and the people there. I can't say vintage is quite my style, even though I sometimes wish my wardrobe had vintage items, but I like some look a likes.

 I like seeing Poirot and Miss Marple! Those classics have always been a favorite of mine. Especially Poirot. 

Sometimes I see cafes mixing styles with cool vintage pieces. I love those places=) My friend has a lot of vintage pieces which is always fascinating too se. Every closet and shelf is filled with stuff and fabric in different colors:) It makes you want to create something and then it gives a nostalgic atmosphere.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Timeless Buys

It is nice to buy something new once in a while. My wardrobe has been screaming for some change. Most of my cloths is old purchases, and I don't feel like wearing them any more. I've decided to go for a more timeless look. Something that's more budget friendly. And looks good at every occasion. I recently found this beautiful white top. It is very comfortable and looks  good. This beautiful bag was on sale, and happens to be fashionable this season =) And black will always be classic <3 That's a color I like to wear more. Also in summertime.  I found a envelop wallet in a pink pastel color which I absolutely love.  It has the perfect size.

Next I will also go for something white and black. And a new watch when I can afford it. I am not tired of my pink one. But a more timeless one will fit most things <3

What's on your shopping list? :)
   Cute and Practial

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Favorite Place

I decided to start my day with a nice walk. I often spot something popping up for my camera to catch. Today it was these trees, always passed when walking down to the water. Usually people notice the birds. I don't know what's so special about these trees, but I like the look of the colors blending together like the overgrown forest is blending together. It probably reminds me of a landscape to explore. Sometimes a small section of a route has it's own place, looking a little different then the rest of it's surroundings. I still have not walked the entire route, but I am sure it is just as nice most of it.

I wish I had captured all the birds on my camera here the other day. They were shaped like a gigantic, filled circle around a perfectly shaped, tree, crossing over to the next. Now I understand why my friend was so excited about a similar experience. They don't come so often, but finding a favorite place to spend time at, gives opportunities to study the place in a different way, creating and discovering special moments.
Summer Read

I finally got the book in the mail box. Disappearing into a good book feels like a rare experience to me. During the last of summer I will be reading this one :) I've started. My first impression is good. I picked up the book after watching the movie :) I think it has a very special atmosphere. The book and the movie. Usually I find there is a difference. But not with this one:)

Phantoms is about a mystery where to young  girls(sisters) discover a hometown completely silenced. Starting off with no people in sight, they soon discover a dead body in the big sisters house. And then, more bodies. It is impossible for them to understand what has happened to them, until they see for them selves. 

In the book I am still in the first chapter. I am eager to find out if it is all similar to the movie in story telling. I hope nothing is changed :) The sisters has just discover the first dead body and are looking for help. Soon, one of my favorite characters in this book is introduced.

Do you have any favorite summer reads? :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Good Beauty Buys

Loreal Richie Nail Polish 

I love the white nuance of this nail polish. It is impressively long lasting:) The small bottles are practical and not to expensive. These nail polishes comes in many different colors.

Soap and Glory Love at First Blush

I recently mentioned this rouge in a earlier blog post. I still love it, and I can easily imagine it will be one of my favorites for a long time. It looks good with my Isadora foundations. The shimmering shades are the most beautiful I've tried. If you have pale skin like I do, this might be a winner. The colors are easy to blend and build up.

Emma S. Hydrating Facial Mask and 
Comodynes Energy Mask

These two masks are wonderful. My skin looks so much better after using them. The comodynes masks are practical for traveling.

Isadora Wake Up Make Up foundation

I will purchase this foundation again. It is the best I've tried. It looks natural with a nice, soft glow. It stays on most of the day and feels comfortable to wear. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Shopping, decoration and reading

It's been raining today. A lot. I brought my umbrella and traveled in to the city. First, I walked around in the botanical garden, getting some fresh air. My plan today was to go shopping. Since I was not feeling to comfortable, I decided to first do some walking outside, then, buy some food. I picked up a book that I've been waiting for :) And then I bought some decoration pieces I've spotted earlier and some notebooks to decorate and give to friends. I look forward to start decorating, and reading my books. I also just recently got the book Phantoms. The other one is also a crime book :) I mentioned the movie(phantoms) in another blog post, and I can definitely recommend it to those of you who like scary movies. I'll write a post soon about the book :) So far it seems just as good as the movie.

These past few days I've found a new television show to watch. I've already seen several episodes, and spent my entire day yesterday just doing that. I will watch next episode now, and then show you later how the decoration is turning out, and upload a post about the book within a week. I hope you have some nice readings and shows to watch too! :) And that you are enjoying the summer.