Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Timeless Buys

It is nice to buy something new once in a while. My wardrobe has been screaming for some change. Most of my cloths is old purchases, and I don't feel like wearing them any more. I've decided to go for a more timeless look. Something that's more budget friendly. And looks good at every occasion. I recently found this beautiful white top. It is very comfortable and looks  good. This beautiful bag was on sale, and happens to be fashionable this season =) And black will always be classic <3 That's a color I like to wear more. Also in summertime.  I found a envelop wallet in a pink pastel color which I absolutely love.  It has the perfect size.

Next I will also go for something white and black. And a new watch when I can afford it. I am not tired of my pink one. But a more timeless one will fit most things <3

What's on your shopping list? :)

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