Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beauty Wish List

It's been a while since I had a huge beauty haul. I love those hauls more then clothing hauls which is more rare for me. After Christmas I discovered Lush products and the brand has impressed me so I would not mind having a haul in one of the stores. Also I'm keen to try more of Mac lipliners and lipsticks. And also I brand I tried a while ago, Tromborg.

Whis List:

Mac Little Buddha lipstick

Mac Hip'n Happy lip pencil

One of the Lush lip scrubs

Lush bath bombs

Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

Clinique Melon Pop lipstick

The first I will look for is probably the lip pencil :) It has the coolest color and yet look subtle in a way. And lip pencils have been my little addiction recently. Then I would go into a Lush store and take a look around. Probably the biggest! :) We have at least two of those stores around.

What's on your wish list? 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Pop Statement Necklace

Before I always had to wear a necklace and I collected them for years. I've never really been loving the big statement necklaces. They look overpowering and or to big. Maybe what I love the most about shopping online is to come across something randomly and that's what happened with this necklace. Colors and lovely flower shapes stood out with a harmonious look that I could definitely see myself wearing for spring/summer. The colors make me long for these two seasons and I will probably try it on soon! :) Maybe with a light grey sweather that can enhance the different colors. I'm staring at it on my wall now wondering if I will get much use of it! If I can't compare it to others and like it, that's usually a good sign. :) Maybe it's a long time favourite.  There is something a little edgy in a nice balance with the cute and soft. The colors are not to overpowering and look beautiful with the shiny gold. Maybe a pastel lilac would be great too for top. Can't wait to go on a spring clothes haul! :)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Drawing

 A contemporary place for my drawing. I barely got satisfied with this, but seeing how it looked in the light and on my desk I got happy :) Also after the little finish with flowers and more pink. When I draw I usually draw flowers. And when I don't know what to draw I definitely draw flowers. Today I felt like making something a little different and incorporated grey which I never use. And rain drops. It's a simple yet decorative piece with hints of color. :)

It might be staying here for a while. 

Since I very much like white. :)

This is a little drawing I made yesterday. I think I would like to focus on white in my drawings. Making the empty space harmonious.

What should I draw for tomorrow? Any suggestions?


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Todays Outfit

It's finally warmer outside and I've skipped two layers of wool sweaters. I've felt a little drawn to wear something white and cosy and something with pearls and other cute details in accessory. I always wear my black H & M flats now when it's cold and they are comfy and elegant with a simplicity I like.

Then I always like dark jeans and these from Levis has been a favorite ever since I got them in my mail box. They are comfy and the shape is pretty nice and I love how fitting they are to most casual sweaters. If I had more pearly stuff that would fit here I would add them. I would like to buy more of the simple little rings. They came in three on the sales at a cosmetics shop I like but rarely look for accessories and they were cheap :) The color is white silver stone on each. In different light they can pick up another color which is so pretty!

So the rings: Vita
Necklace: Accsessorize
Jeans: Levis
Sweather: H & M
Shoes: H & M

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Something to Calm

Some scents are so refreshingly calming that you just forget everything else. Like during a warm summer day close to a flower field. Lately I've tried to make my room more of a calm place for my sleep, focus and well being. I started with plants and added some flowers. And I can't wait adding  more. Instead of all kinds of tips for better sleep I've found that some scents are a little more beneficial to me. In December I found a nice room fragrance. Which is also body fragrance. I could pick from five different ones in the store where I had a gift card. And chose this one. I find it super comfortable. Cups of tea I always drink and try other stuff but this simple little addition seems to make a difference. Skin Care products with spa feeling also give me a nice effect! And I embrace them gradually more. Lately I've been favouring Lush skin care. They are better then any spa products I've tried ans smell absolutely lovely! In the evening and morning I like to drink a simple, refreshing drink. Like a tea blend or honey and lime water which is my new favorite. Otherwise I like lemon water and white tea. Especially white tea with some flavour. A little more affordable then cosmetics are plants. And my room will slowly look more green. Reading next to a window filled with plants is like reading by a large window with a city view or view to a gorgeous forest. 

The Body Shop Aloe & Soft Linen
Body, Room and Linen Spritz

Lush Aqua Marine
Facial and Body Wash

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Photos Lately

I can't wait for the temperature to get warmer. I've been longing to take some photos outdoors. Decorating on my desk I've focused my photography here. And my wall above has it's first piece of decoration. The flower stickers are my favourite decoration piece. The vintage look made me interested. Look how cute they are.

A powder I'm testing for brightening look. Powders are most difficult I think to get right. When I found it in store it looked pale yellow and white. 

Last photo is of my favorite blush, Spellbinder from Mac. I'm wearing this with the powder (photos above) in the picture above.

I like the lightening in this photo! :) And stickers :)

I've not been feeling to good today so I have no more photos to share now. Soon my room should look more bright. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

December Favorite Photo

A picture from Christmas. I decided to take some photos of new products I'd found. Among them these two. In this photo I especially like the colors together. And composition. I was inpatient but got happy with how one of them turned out. I like the layers of color. Pink, sky blue and then the yellow gold, making the picture come more alive. And the pink light from lamp and walls made this for me a bit cozy and interesting. The blue top is a forgotten piece but maybe one of the prettiest I have. I think noticing again a favorite plays a part in why I like this photo :) The black beauty item look a little boring, but without it the picture would become boring. So I'm glad I decided to leave it there. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mac Spellbinder Blush

Maybe the cutest and prettiest blush I've seen so far is called Spellbinder. This is a Mac blush from they're collection Faerie Whispers. I fell for it immediately. It is such a warm and interesting color and finish on the skin. It does not look to warm or cute but definitely gives a healthy glow to the cheeks. Sometimes I feel a makeup favourite need other favourites that stand out to look good. With this blush I like only wearing a subtle makeup look. It looks good with little. Because it is so pretty on it's own. So having a gem like this, not competing with other makeup in your stash, I think I'll have to buy one more of this :)! I also think this is a nice blush to experiment with and a good pick for different skin tones.

I would like to try the purple eyeshadow in the collection. Have you tried any of the eyeshadows?  I think the purple would be interesting with the peach Spellbinder blush.

What do you think about the Faerie Whispers collection?

Friday, January 15, 2016

A Random Selection Photos

A blush that caught my eye in the Mac makeup section. And the only thing I spotted this time. This one is called Spellbinder and it's a pretty special color :) Mac blushes are usually not that interesting to me, but this won me over. If you're picky about peach blushes but want to try one go for this :)

Notebook above is my current favourite at the moment :)


Movie watching :)

Inspiration Wall for Maiken

After a visit to one of the museums in the city I hoped my friend Maiken could take interest in the topic I saw there. So before you see any of the cool books from it, here's photos I've taken. I wish I had a close up now on one of the cartoon bubbles :) 

Cool with outdoors art displayed as well when nothing's been mentioned. All of it was placed in strategic, harmonious places. If I may say so, I very much like this photo :)

Have you visited any museums so far this year?