Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Photos Lately

I can't wait for the temperature to get warmer. I've been longing to take some photos outdoors. Decorating on my desk I've focused my photography here. And my wall above has it's first piece of decoration. The flower stickers are my favourite decoration piece. The vintage look made me interested. Look how cute they are.

A powder I'm testing for brightening look. Powders are most difficult I think to get right. When I found it in store it looked pale yellow and white. 

Last photo is of my favorite blush, Spellbinder from Mac. I'm wearing this with the powder (photos above) in the picture above.

I like the lightening in this photo! :) And stickers :)

I've not been feeling to good today so I have no more photos to share now. Soon my room should look more bright. 

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