Sunday, June 20, 2021

A Book You Can Read in One Day

Wish You Were Dead by Peter James

A family with friends have a holiday overseas which immediately begins bad. And soon it developes into a nightmare. It all happen so fast it feels like reading about a dream. The story is interesting, creepy and well constructed. It has a lot of atmosphere! 

The big nightmare begins soon after the tourists arrive their destination. A dark and faded house waits for them with an unfriendly owner welcoming them. She claims to own the house with her husband who is stuck to his wheelchair and unable to speak english. 

Cleo, the main character's wife finds the couple strange, just like the house. She does not want to enter. 

They decide to stay one night. Roy, the main character convince her of this! 

Roy tries to find out where their friend Jack is. He has not shown up as planned and is unable to reach them! Yet he is far closer then they imagine. Jack is in trouble.

He has been attacked and the rest of them is next! Because someone is out for revenge. Roy especially is hard to destroy! 

The attackers and Roy have like an equally strong desire to win this battle which made it for me quite interesting to read! 

I really liked this book! And it was so short one can read it in one day! 

Friday, June 4, 2021

A Beautiful Everyday Blush


I have a new blush favorite. It is Korres Wild Rose Brightening Vibrant Color Blush in the shade Bright Coral. Once I saw it I thought this would be a perfect makeup staple. And I was right. I usually use this nowadays for some color on my cheeks. 

It has a lovely soft texture, perfect for application. And feels and looks luxurios. I don’t think I’ve had this kind of color before. I imagine I will use it a lot! It is so pretty!

What is your favorite blush product?


Friday, May 28, 2021

The Best Book I Have Read so far in 2021

 The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

Genre: Crime

This is the best book I have read until now in 2021. It is full of atmosphere and "theatrical like" surprises. There is a nice main character trying so solve her own mystery when stubling upon another in a hotel in the Swiss mountains. She (Elin) is the one people look to in order to feel safer and get answers. Because people are shut inside a luxurious hotel  after avalanches and with no ability to get help for a while from the police or doctors. And they need help from the police!

It is a big group of tourists there. Elin comes with her boyfriend Will to celebrate Isaac`s (her brother) engagement with Laure in the hotel that used to be a sanatorium. Elin is already in a nervous state when coming and then Laure seems to go missing. A dead body is found in a hotel pool with a mask over its face. The person has been physically hurt and a strange box with a scary content is found close by. 

Elin has worked in the police and leads the investigation. At the same time she is suspicious of her brother Isaac hiding a terrible secret that she is determined to get to the bottom of. 

Elin is a determined, sensitive and idealistic person. She finds answers and gets herself in great danger. So many people seems to be hiding things. And a killer is out there, confident and scary in a horror kind of way!

The story is mainly told through Elin. The book is well written and has some scenes that really makes the story come alive! The theatricality is quite scary. Though it is not so much of it.

I liked that the main character is fragile combined with beeing brave and caring! The mix of characters are interesting. The book is hard to put down! 

The way it ended made me wonder if a new story with Elin as main character comes. I think I would read it. 

Friday, February 12, 2021

Makeup Lately

My daily makeup lately has been these products. These make my skin look more glowy and awake and are my current favorite products. They are easy to apply without primer or face cream.

I like the combination of the tinted cream and the rouge! The rouge is a little gem I have used too little.

I bought it because I thought the color looked interesting. I still think it does!

What is your favorite makeup?

Products: Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer, Makeup Mekka Creamy Covering Concealer Light Neutral, YSL Couture Blush 14 Rose Kaftan,Mannakadar Flutter Mascara Jet Black.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The Best Book I Read in 2020


"An Unwanted Guest" was the most interesting book I read in 2020. I read it in a couple of days since it was so catchy.

Of all books I read previous year this was most surprising and atmospheric!

Tourists look forward to spend quality time in a hotel away from distractions. They get a horrible time. Because of a lot of snow and wind they have to stay longer then wanted. A dead body found there is the reason they want to leave.

The dead was one of the guests. She was found dead by the stairs leading up to their bedrooms. When they move around in the hotel they have to be prepared of the aweful sight and soon all wonders if it was a murder.

The small group stay together in order to prevent a second death. Later another guest is found dead. One guest actually finds it all inspiring and wants to kill his wife. 

The quests quarrel a lot but try to stay together. Some hope to find romance, others are ready to separate and some wants to be a killer. 

There were some absurd situations. Like the fact that someone would find the situation inspiring and want to comit murder. Also there is a paranoid guest who runs out in the cold night alone with little clothes and full of sudden panic. She does not come back. 

I think I would reread this book. What was your favorite book in 2020?

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Airport Hauls

 A good skin care product of some kind was on my wish list before a travel a while ago. I found face masks I have wanted to try, bought a favorite hand cream and hand soap/shower gel with matching scent as the hand cream. I really like these products! There is only one face mask here I have not tried yet. 

I like the calming feeling and how my skin feels and looks after using the products🙂 I will for sure buy more Dr Jart sheet masks! 

I tried one of the face masks during my holiday and got a good first impression.