Sunday, June 20, 2021

A Book You Can Read in One Day

Wish You Were Dead by Peter James

A family with friends have a holiday overseas which immediately begins bad. And soon it developes into a nightmare. It all happen so fast it feels like reading about a dream. The story is interesting, creepy and well constructed. It has a lot of atmosphere! 

The big nightmare begins soon after the tourists arrive their destination. A dark and faded house waits for them with an unfriendly owner welcoming them. She claims to own the house with her husband who is stuck to his wheelchair and unable to speak english. 

Cleo, the main character's wife finds the couple strange, just like the house. She does not want to enter. 

They decide to stay one night. Roy, the main character convince her of this! 

Roy tries to find out where their friend Jack is. He has not shown up as planned and is unable to reach them! Yet he is far closer then they imagine. Jack is in trouble.

He has been attacked and the rest of them is next! Because someone is out for revenge. Roy especially is hard to destroy! 

The attackers and Roy have like an equally strong desire to win this battle which made it for me quite interesting to read! 

I really liked this book! And it was so short one can read it in one day! 

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