Saturday, April 30, 2016

Friday, April 29, 2016

Elf Acne Fightning Foundation

Elf Acne Fighting Foundation shade Ivory

This is my most recent beauty purchase and I'm so pleased with it! :) Elf to me has seemed a little boring but I like everything about this foundation. The shade is a little unique and the finish and feel is good! And coverage is easy to build. This shade is called Ivory and is one of they're lightest shades. It has a little bit of yellow but looks natural on the skin. I don't like to heavy undertones. The design and size is neat! Nice for popping in the bag and bring on a travel :) It covers my acne scars quickly so I don't need to build up with the product. It smells a little strange but that is just a little downside. Overall this looks to me like a long time foundation favourite in my makeup and I would recommend trying it out! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April Favorite Photo

April is not over yet, but I don't think I will get a better photo then this. 


A Beginning Spring

I get surprised these days when I see flowers pop up. Only some days ago hail poured down and there has until now been few days to go outside without wearing a warm jacket on. Today I noticed more green on the trees during my walk. This is a season where my camera seldom leaves my bag. It is not too warm and exploring places are more fun then in the winter time. 

This spring my focus are on training and meeting friends. Yoga and walking are my training for gradual wellbeing and strength. Then I will prioritise dancing and swimming too later. After a break I've just started to work on my fiction book again. The one I've mentioned a couple times here on my blog. Then for this season I have a goal to take lots of photos!  Hopefully I can get close ups of different birds, cats and foxes! I find a great deal of inspiration at Flickr.

This winter has gone by pretty quick. I feel like I might have wasted time. I can't really highlight many fun things I have done. And I don't like that. Museum visits is something I've taken interest in and will continue too do. Tomorrow is my next trip to one or two museums here in Oslo :)

My best photo from last spring is this below of the butterfly.

Here are a couple photos from a walk recently. I feel pretty lucky with this one above of the ducks!

I can't wait for the temperature to rise. In my room I've made it prettier with plants and flowers. And I will keep filling my room with them! :) They are calming to look at and healthy to be around.

Do you like the spring season?
And do you have personal goals to reach this spring?


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New Things

For a while I'd been wanting some new shoes. I like this pair so much that I bought another yesterday. I have one in black and these last year which ended in the bin. I wanted light blue but the white I still find pretty :) These with the earrings are from H & M. The beautiful star decoration piece I found at a flower shop where I go more often these days to take a look at the selection:) The place is called Mester Grønn. They always have interesting, pretty things!

The earrings have just the right amount of color and details that I find interesting :) And they were not expensive. Which is a bonus.

Then I need some spring weather now so I could use this shoes often :)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Places I would Like to Visit



Rondane National Park


Los Angeles


I count myself lucky to have been to three of these places :) All of them I would love to revisit at one time! Hopefully not too long from now. London was my last visit of the three. I stayed there on holiday for six days. I think I was seventeen when I visited Sardinia on a summer holiday and maybe twelve the last time I stayed on holiday in Rondane National Park. 

New places I would like to go to are the other ones above :) The dream for me would be to visit these places during spring and the summer months. Mainly with friends. But sometimes I can enjoy a holiday traveling alone. Like I did last year to London. And to Eilat some years ago. Pictures here I took in London and the one above the text in Eilat, Israel.

Where would you like to go? And for how long? 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Photos Lately

On Sunday I visited one of my favourite cafes in Oslo. The Opera House Cafe. I love sitting in the calming area with something to write or read on and admire the beautiful building with the most lovely daylight! Photo one and three are from that building. There are always people here with photo cameras everywhere. I was once here for a guided tour around in the building and I would not mind attending that again soon :) 

The second photo is from a just decorated subway station close where I live. Many stations have just been decorated with different styles and colors and patterns. This is my favourite. 

And also I like much this graffiti decoration ;)

Pretty colors! :) There is something feelgood to this I think.

Here's a little bit more of the graffiti art just come up.

Have you taken photos lately? And seen changes around you? I can't wait to see the trees turn green and flowers grow! I guess spring and summer are my favourite seasons for photography outdoors.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Yesterdays Photo Fun

Photos taken nearby our flat and in my room yesterday. I love love the flower sticking out from the fence. Only today it was grey so a photo would look bad. A little decorating is going on in my bedroom. The drawing is from a colouring book that promise that every drawing there will make you smile :) If you're curious the book is called Color Me Happy. It's a pretty nice book with many cool and detailed drawings to color in different themes. When it comes to photos I'm also pretty interested in details and will look more for it outdoors :) Hope you liked these!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Couple Bud to Rose By Diddi Pieces

I came across some gorgeous accessory pieces last month! I've not heard of this brand before but I will look for more :) I always like looking for new rings and a new bracelet was needed. I like simple details and these two definitely won me over :) I will use them with more spring and summary clothes. Enhancing the pretty bracelet and ring. The ring I got at bargain price and the bracelet was a little more pricey but worth it! :) I think I can favour these for a long time and that is the best about finding new things. The ring has some sparkle all over and the bracelet too. I like the balance of simplicity and elegance. I also like that that seems to be a contrast in design here :) Have you tried Bud to Rose By Diddi pieces? 


Today I've been doing yoga and have gone for a walk by the water. The two nature photos above is from yesterdays walk there :) Today is was nice and sunny. I wanted this week to be about relaxing, walking and meditation. Today I've also read some blog posts and listened to music :) Some classical music and movie music. I feel more ready now for the coming week :) And I really hope the temperature goes up. Then I can sit on the balcony in the sun with tea and a book. I'm half way in Gone with the Wind  and I'll read some chapters today :) This novel has been my main read lately. Now I'll prepare my second cup of tea! And watch a movie or television show later. Perhaps Sherlock and the Abdominal Bride :) I watched it around Christmas time on television and loved it! Wish there were more episodes out already!

Today I've also done a little planning on my April shopping. A small haul soon which I'll do a post on :) On my wish list are my favourite facial spray and new shoes! Then I wanna try an Elf foundation I've just discovered.

Have you done something fun?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Movie List


The Innkeepers

Knight of Cups

Silent Hill

The Bucket List


In the Heart of the Sea

I've only seen one of these so I look forward to take two or three days watching the rest :) Silent Hill is such a long time since I've seen but I liked this one quite a lot from the scary movie genre! Have you seen these movies and have good memories of them? :) And do you make movie lists like me? :)
I would like recommendations. I like many types of movies and genres, just not the romantic or way to hectic movies with shooting and stuff all the time! If you want, put a list in the comment field :) Much appreciated!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Balm Blush and Lip Palette

I realised I have not done a post about this cute blush and lip palette. And I don't understand how I could ever forget the prettiest cream colors here. Six cute subtle or more intense colors with a beautiful dewy look. They will look perfect for spring I think :) The palette itself is so gorgeous I've had it on display on my desk since I bought it. And the other packaging picture on my wall now ;) I did not wanted to throw it away.

The nuances and consistency are quite lovely. I don't like the deepest red but it might grow on me. The dark brown comes off as a more subtle light brown when added lightly and looks incredibly beautiful. I guess this one was the last I tried. The colors here from top left and down are Cider, Pie, Candy. And from top right down: Cobbler, Crisp and Caramel. That super dark one :)

What do you think of the palette? Do you like colors like these for spring? I'm pretty sure I will get a lot of use of it :) Cream blushes look soft on the skin and brightening! And they often add some pearly shine which looks super gorgeous in the sunlight! Besides these look nice blending for more color options. On lips the colors also look good. I usually don't like the combination blush and lip color making it look more cakey often on lips. But I think this is worth trying ;)

What blushes would you wear this spring?