Saturday, April 23, 2016

Places I would Like to Visit



Rondane National Park


Los Angeles


I count myself lucky to have been to three of these places :) All of them I would love to revisit at one time! Hopefully not too long from now. London was my last visit of the three. I stayed there on holiday for six days. I think I was seventeen when I visited Sardinia on a summer holiday and maybe twelve the last time I stayed on holiday in Rondane National Park. 

New places I would like to go to are the other ones above :) The dream for me would be to visit these places during spring and the summer months. Mainly with friends. But sometimes I can enjoy a holiday traveling alone. Like I did last year to London. And to Eilat some years ago. Pictures here I took in London and the one above the text in Eilat, Israel.

Where would you like to go? And for how long? 


  1. Los Angeles is number 1 in my places I want visit list, but Paris was number one in my childhood. Also I wanted to visit Rome and did, such a nice place and there is very hot haha.
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