Saturday, May 9, 2020

Entertainment Lately

Movie recommendation: Dangerous Lies (2020)

A young couple has money problems and are feeling desperate. They get a job for him through her work.  From then on they work together for a kind, old man in his home. He support them with extra money and dies suddenly one day not long after. They get the house. But someone creates trouble for them and wants their home.

Sometimes the police wants to talk with the couple and they want to shun away from the police. But can they deal with the difficulties they experience alone?
Things truly gets worse.

I found the movie interesting and atmospheric. This movie is different from others I have seen. The problem with having little money is a typical problem but I could not recall any movie I have seen in the past that reminds about this. I think some reasons are that everything happen in few places. That there are little violence and not so many characters we see a lot of.

If you see it I hope you will enjoy it too. 🙂

Have you seen a movie lately you want to recommend? 🙂