Sunday, April 10, 2016


Today I've been doing yoga and have gone for a walk by the water. The two nature photos above is from yesterdays walk there :) Today is was nice and sunny. I wanted this week to be about relaxing, walking and meditation. Today I've also read some blog posts and listened to music :) Some classical music and movie music. I feel more ready now for the coming week :) And I really hope the temperature goes up. Then I can sit on the balcony in the sun with tea and a book. I'm half way in Gone with the Wind  and I'll read some chapters today :) This novel has been my main read lately. Now I'll prepare my second cup of tea! And watch a movie or television show later. Perhaps Sherlock and the Abdominal Bride :) I watched it around Christmas time on television and loved it! Wish there were more episodes out already!

Today I've also done a little planning on my April shopping. A small haul soon which I'll do a post on :) On my wish list are my favourite facial spray and new shoes! Then I wanna try an Elf foundation I've just discovered.

Have you done something fun?

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