Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Pop Statement Necklace

Before I always had to wear a necklace and I collected them for years. I've never really been loving the big statement necklaces. They look overpowering and or to big. Maybe what I love the most about shopping online is to come across something randomly and that's what happened with this necklace. Colors and lovely flower shapes stood out with a harmonious look that I could definitely see myself wearing for spring/summer. The colors make me long for these two seasons and I will probably try it on soon! :) Maybe with a light grey sweather that can enhance the different colors. I'm staring at it on my wall now wondering if I will get much use of it! If I can't compare it to others and like it, that's usually a good sign. :) Maybe it's a long time favourite.  There is something a little edgy in a nice balance with the cute and soft. The colors are not to overpowering and look beautiful with the shiny gold. Maybe a pastel lilac would be great too for top. Can't wait to go on a spring clothes haul! :)

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