Sunday, January 24, 2016

Todays Outfit

It's finally warmer outside and I've skipped two layers of wool sweaters. I've felt a little drawn to wear something white and cosy and something with pearls and other cute details in accessory. I always wear my black H & M flats now when it's cold and they are comfy and elegant with a simplicity I like.

Then I always like dark jeans and these from Levis has been a favorite ever since I got them in my mail box. They are comfy and the shape is pretty nice and I love how fitting they are to most casual sweaters. If I had more pearly stuff that would fit here I would add them. I would like to buy more of the simple little rings. They came in three on the sales at a cosmetics shop I like but rarely look for accessories and they were cheap :) The color is white silver stone on each. In different light they can pick up another color which is so pretty!

So the rings: Vita
Necklace: Accsessorize
Jeans: Levis
Sweather: H & M
Shoes: H & M

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