Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mac Spellbinder Blush

Maybe the cutest and prettiest blush I've seen so far is called Spellbinder. This is a Mac blush from they're collection Faerie Whispers. I fell for it immediately. It is such a warm and interesting color and finish on the skin. It does not look to warm or cute but definitely gives a healthy glow to the cheeks. Sometimes I feel a makeup favourite need other favourites that stand out to look good. With this blush I like only wearing a subtle makeup look. It looks good with little. Because it is so pretty on it's own. So having a gem like this, not competing with other makeup in your stash, I think I'll have to buy one more of this :)! I also think this is a nice blush to experiment with and a good pick for different skin tones.

I would like to try the purple eyeshadow in the collection. Have you tried any of the eyeshadows?  I think the purple would be interesting with the peach Spellbinder blush.

What do you think about the Faerie Whispers collection?