Monday, August 4, 2014

Shopping, decoration and reading

It's been raining today. A lot. I brought my umbrella and traveled in to the city. First, I walked around in the botanical garden, getting some fresh air. My plan today was to go shopping. Since I was not feeling to comfortable, I decided to first do some walking outside, then, buy some food. I picked up a book that I've been waiting for :) And then I bought some decoration pieces I've spotted earlier and some notebooks to decorate and give to friends. I look forward to start decorating, and reading my books. I also just recently got the book Phantoms. The other one is also a crime book :) I mentioned the movie(phantoms) in another blog post, and I can definitely recommend it to those of you who like scary movies. I'll write a post soon about the book :) So far it seems just as good as the movie.

These past few days I've found a new television show to watch. I've already seen several episodes, and spent my entire day yesterday just doing that. I will watch next episode now, and then show you later how the decoration is turning out, and upload a post about the book within a week. I hope you have some nice readings and shows to watch too! :) And that you are enjoying the summer.

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