Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Favorite Place

I decided to start my day with a nice walk. I often spot something popping up for my camera to catch. Today it was these trees, always passed when walking down to the water. Usually people notice the birds. I don't know what's so special about these trees, but I like the look of the colors blending together like the overgrown forest is blending together. It probably reminds me of a landscape to explore. Sometimes a small section of a route has it's own place, looking a little different then the rest of it's surroundings. I still have not walked the entire route, but I am sure it is just as nice most of it.

I wish I had captured all the birds on my camera here the other day. They were shaped like a gigantic, filled circle around a perfectly shaped, tree, crossing over to the next. Now I understand why my friend was so excited about a similar experience. They don't come so often, but finding a favorite place to spend time at, gives opportunities to study the place in a different way, creating and discovering special moments.

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